Why You Need A Mailing List

One thing I find a lot of brands and businesses are missing from their marketing strategy is a mailing list. It baffles me how such a simple digital marketing must-have can be so easily forgotten by so many. Time and time again I’ve wondered why this is and one theory I’ve come up with is that some people don’t realise the importance and value of having a mailing list.

So… why is a mailing list important? Isn’t it all about social media these days?

Well, yes and no. While a lot of marketing can be done using social media, a mailing list is still an essential element of an business’ online strategy. Social media is very much a real time thing. Unless your followers think you’re special enough for them to turn notifications of your posts on, it’s likely that they will miss a fair few of your social media posts. While your most important things may be on your blog, this still relies on the user to check for updates themselves. Unlike the majority of your social media posts or your blog, email allows you to initiate direct contact with your subscribers- you might send them your best blog posts from that month, an announcement about an event you’re putting on or just a quick update on what you’re doing. The message goes straight to their inbox and allows them to check it out in their own time. As humans we love things that are convenient, so we’re much more likely to keep up to date and engage with someone whose news is right in front of us as opposed to someone we have to actively seek out news from in our own time via their blog or social media.

Make it easy for your customers to support you. Get started with your mailing list today!

I strongly suggest you start building your mailing list using MailChimp. If you already have a mailing list, find out how to get more subscribers.