What's Going On? What Have I Been Doing? An Update

What’s Going On? What Have I Been Doing? An Update

Just a quick update on what I’ve been doing since closing my business.

I’ve spent a large part of the summer decluttering and trying to make some home improvements before uni but I’ve faced some distractions and conflicts of priorities along the way.

Aside from getting ready for uni and working on my home, I’m also learning to code and planning to make some new content in the future. From here on I expect my future content to be around tech, mental health, home life etc. with a few random things thrown in between. Hopefully with this update out there I can get on and get transitioning to this new direction!

My autism assessment is also nearing, but the whole process of late diagnosis is so overwhelming I’m not really ready to talk about it yet.

What did you spend your summer doing? Do you have any tips for starting university as a mature student?

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