Types Of Fans

In your music career you’ll realise that not all fans are the same and that there are actually different types of fans. This post will outline the key fan categories that I see in the hope that you might then recognise and categorise your own supporters and target them appropriately.

Fancy Fans

These probably aren’t really fans of your music, but more fans of your face. They may like your music too, but it’s unlikely that they’ve listened to bigger projects as they probably prefer watching you in your videos. They probably talk/flirt with you, use the lovestruck and kiss face a lot, and give you bucketfuls of compliments.

Music Fans

The people that love your music will appreciate every technicality of your music, giving real and honest feedback when you release something new. They are sometimes artists themselves, or just big music fans/enthusiasts

Casual Fans

Casual fans will listen and support you/your music when they’re sent it, but they’re not the type to actively listen to it or follow every movement you make in your career. They’ll usually end up listening to your music after finding it on social media when they’ve got free time.

Situational Fans

Situational fans are very similar to casual fans, except they might be a little more engaged. They are your fans purely because you associate with another artist they really like. The may like your music too, but they’re probably not following every move you make.

Fangirls/Fanboys aka Superfans

Now fangirls are a lot more common than fanboys and are probably something you see on a regular basis as they drool over the likes of Justin Bieber, Dappy and any unsigned rapper they can get attention from.

Superfans like these probably fancy you and will support you strongly. They share and promote your music, they’ll argue for/about you and they want to get to know you like a friend. They want to be your bestie.

Hopefully you’ll now be able to categorise your fans and recognise who’s actually there for your music and who’s there for your face (or body).  Don’t neglect your true supporters in favour of the people that just seem like they’re supporting because they probably won’t be there a few years down the line.