The Tools I Use

The Tools I Use For My Digital Presence & Admin

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I use Krystal for all my webhosting needs.

If you're looking to get any webhosting services, click the button below and use the code 'AyshBanaysh' at the checkout to get £££ off.

All of my sites are self-hosted WordPress websites. This means they use the software from within my own hosting rather than relying on the more limited version of WordPress that comes with

ThriveThemes not only provide loads of fully functional WordPress themes and plugins, but they're also very lead and conversion focused. I highly suggest becoming a member to access their products across several of your websites (it's very fairly priced).

I use MailChimp to automate abandoned cart emails as well as sending regular newsletters to my customers.

I use G Suite to host my email, accounting sheets and other admin documents for my business.


I use Zapier to automate various tasks such as accounting and building lists of stock that needs to be reordered.

The Tools I Used For My Piercing Studio & Ecommerce Store

WooCommerce is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows you to create a full functional online store and checkout process. The core plugin is completely free, but I also have a few paid add ons.

I use Affiliate WP to manage the affiliate program for my online store. They have lots of different packages at different price points depending on your needs which is great when you're working with a small budget.

Acuity Scheduling

I use Acuity Scheduling as my booking system for my piercing business. I love that it has the ability to add intake forms!

The Tools I Use For My YouTube Channel

I use TubeBuddy when uploading videos. It provides SEO support (suggesting tags, letting me see the search rates of keyword phrases etc.) as well as speeding up mundane and tedious tasks such as copying cards from one video to another.

I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit all of my YouTube videos.

I'm sure you're familiar with Adobe Photoshop or have at least heard of it. I use Photoshop for creating thumbnails and any other graphics I might need for my videos.