The Girl Behind The Lens: Charlotte Pearce

Eat More Cake’s most recent team member is a little different from the rest. Among our team of editors and writers, we’ve introduced a new species… a photographer! Charlotte’s work is very intriguing and it was refreshing to see someone so young be so passionate and resourceful. It seemed only right to explore the curious mind of this young creative to see what makes her tick:

Tell me a bit about you

I’m from a quiet town just north of London, so I love travelling to the city to meet up with people and gain inspiration. I’m currently in my last year at school and I have absolutely no clue what I’m going to be doing next year, but I’m always applying for jobs and apprenticeships as I believing learning on the job (especially in the creative industry) is really important. Oh, and I’m the new photographer for Eat More Cake!

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How did you first get into photography?

As boring as it sounds, I first started taking photos in my GCSE photography class. I got bought a little fujifilm for Christmas from my fab parents and literally just started pointing and shooting! I was actually looking through my photos taken from that year recently and it’s safe to say they are utterly rubbish, but we all need to start somewhere eh?

How long have you been taking photography seriously?edit 14

The term of taking something ‘seriously’ frightens me in all honesty. Photography is not a serious thing for me – it’s a passion that I want to develop in, but to do this you need to have fun and not be too critical of yourself. I, like many other creatives out there, have fallen into many downwards spirals by taking photography too seriously. Comparing myself to others and procrastinating rather than getting myself out there is not the outlook creatives should have, and ever since I realised this my photography career has bloomed significantly.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to keep putting myself out there and get involved with more of what makes me happy. I love contacting and working with people I’ve never met, going to events and volunteering. Over the past two years especially this has opened up so many incredible opportunities for me, so A LOT more of this is needed!

edit 17What is you favourite thing to photograph?

People. They are everywhere, as long as I live we won’t run out of them (at least I hope not). They’re diverse, beautiful and we all know what it’s like to be one. People can relate to people, and that’s what I want to present in my photographs – a sense of identity and worth.

What are you working on right now?

So now that I’ve completely finished with my photography A-levels, it’s finally my time to do what I really want! I haven’t told anyone this yet so this is the press release of my project (if you will). The project is called ‘Charity’ and promotes how disposable fashion plays an important part in our society and majorly benefits our world. Shopping in charity shops has been something I’ve done since I was around 10 years old, so I thought “Why don’t I use this in my shoots?” Generally, the project is about how we can still have high end fashion looks by using recycled clothing, all for a cheap price, with all the proceeds going to charity… how good is that?!

What are your tips for aspiring photographers?

Never give up, get your name heard, keep doing what you ENJOY and not what you feel you HAVE to do, find inspiration daily and keep shooting wherever you go!

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What do you think of Charlotte’s work? Find more of it on Charlotte’s Instagram (@chareveph) or follow Charlotte on Twitter (@charlxtteeve).

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