The Dark World Of Twitter Spam And Auto DMs

If You Spam People You’re Probably A Terrible Human Being

I’ve been an advocate of anti-spamming on Twitter for a long time now. While the technique ensures your marketing efforts reach a lot of people, it is inefficient when it comes to conversions and building a customer base. Apply this to music and that basically means if you spam 100 people, you probably won’t get anywhere near 100 extra plays/views and those who do check out your music are unlikely to become a loyal fan and support you in the long run. You’re also likely to piss off a good percentage of those people.

I understand that it’s a quick and easy way to gain a few views and potential followers, but for the time it takes, the potential fans you alienate and what you gain out of it in the end it’s just not worth it. Recently I’ve taken my anti-spam attitude to the next level by unfollowing, reporting and blocking anyone who spams me, especially if it’s as soon as I followed them. Shoving copy and pasted promotion down someone’s throat without so much as a ‘hello’ as soon as they connect with you is likely to make them regret following you and resist interacting with you in future. I always say to artists “If you can’t take the time to personalise a tweet or interact with me first, why should I take the time to listen to your music”. Watching them fail to be able to explain why I should listen to their music is just like them saying “I can’t even sell my music to you”(I don’t get this half of the sentence) but in reality it usually just means they’ve never thought about spamming this way (but I still note down in my head that they can’t even sell themselves in 140 characters when given the chance). (i think this last sentence serves no real purpose)

Another Twitter turn off is the dreaded auto-DM. You only get one first impression, and shoving a promotional link down someone’s throat as soon as they follow you is definitely not a good start. For one, it implies you can’t be bothered to interact with your followers individually, and secondly, you’re expecting your followers to already be invested in you and what you do without even talking to them.

Both these methods are often seen as invasive and inefficient. Check out what Gary V has to say about Auto DMs. Although aimed at businesses, he makes a great point by using the analogy of auto DMs being like handing out your business card at a conference without saying ‘hey’.