Talk About It - Yungen Vs. Chip Beef

Talk About It – Yungen Vs. Chip Beef [The Story So Far & Updates]

Today I joined Jay Carteré and Mike for a special update to their Talk About It podcast to discuss the Yungen Vs Chip beef. I won’t go into too much detail here, as we went through the beef from the very beginning in the podcast.

Not long after recording, Yungen dropped his reply to Chip entitled Oopsy Daisy Riddum, which you’ll hear my thoughts on below (at the end if you’re impatient/don’t need the background info).

Talk About It – Yungen And Chip Beef Update

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Since recording the update, Chip has taken to Twitter:

Yungen quote tweeted Chip before speedily deleting his reply (but not before I could nab a screenshot):

To be continued…


Chip has now released his reply to Yungen’s Oopsy Daisy Riddum and it’s safe to say it’s going to be hard to beat.

After mulling over the issue of copyright late last night, I’m very happy that Chip brought up the fact Link Up TV are earning ad money off of Yungen’s diss which obviously uses a sample of Chip’s hit single, Oopsy Daisy.

Do you think Yungen can come back from this? Drop a comment below with your thoughts.

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PS. If you need an in depth explanation about why everything is happening, Jay Carteré’s explains Why the Yungen Vs Chip Beef Started.