Social Media Soppiness

Some couples make me want to vomit.

I mean, it’s lovely you love each other and all, but I don’t need to see it on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with pictures of you kissing everyday.

If your partner is so amazing, why not just spend the time telling them instead of the whole of Facebook?

When you’re in love you’ll have your soppy moments, but – to me – they’re a private thing. I’m not a big fan of PDA (Public Display of Affection) in real life, let alone on social media. I’m constantly disgusted by the pictures of couples kissing and saying they love each other or they miss each other that flood my Facebook Timeline. It’s worse than real-life PDA (that can at least be amusing).

Social Media PDA

She’s 28…

You miss them? You love them? They’re amazing? That’s cool and I get it. Just tell them. Not me, not the world – them! I’m sure they’d appreciate your gooey feelings more than your Facebook friends do. Better yet, give them head. I’m sure they’d appreciate it more.

Selfie photoshoot of the both of you full of pictures that all look the same are a bit much too. If you take them cool, but do you need to upload so many identical photos? One will do.

I also fail to understand people who have their partner’s @ in their Twitter bio. Facebook has a relationship status option, but Twitter? Is this really necessary? Do you think that the people who read your 140 character ramblings really care about how much you love your ‘baby’? Not at all, I only followed you to steal your memes.

I have my relationship status set of Facebook as I wouldn’t want a completely private and hidden relationship, but I don’t flaunt it. People know, but that’s it. I’m will NEVER say “I love you” on social media (unless I’m joking); I’d rather say it in person. As for Twitter, if I post about my boyfriend (in a more than friends way) his @ is usually not attached. Unless you watch my tweets closely or know me in real life you’d think I was just a really supportive close friend. I don’t understand why people feel the need to post pictures of their ‘boo’ and telling the world how much they love them. Why does the world need to know? Why can’t they just tell them? It’s like having someone in your MSN name with a heart back in the day.

I can understand this type of social media behaviour… if you’re 14. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend at the age can make you feel grown up and special, but these culprits are fully grown adults. It’s not even just girls that do this, guys are guilty too. Bit shameful if you ask me; it’s almost like they missed the train to adulthood.

You know what they say though, the ones who feel the need to publicise and flaunt their relationship the most are usually the unhappiest, but social media validation provides them with comfort.

EDIT: Couples like this are basically the reason I wrote this post:

Social Media Soppiness

Feel free to use the post in the same way if you agree!


PS. Why do people express soppiness on social media when someone’s died? They’re dead, they can’t see you paying your respects, so what’s the point? I don’t think it’ll help you grieve.