Since When Did Partners Become Servants?

Okay, this has been puzzling me recently, but it seems people have some strange requirements from a relationship and I’m not talking about things like loyalty and commitment…

I see people tweet things like “I can’t date a man that doesn’t drive” or whatever, but really are you planning on making him your chauffeur or your man? Does the ability to drive relate to how good the person is to be with? I mean, yeah you may not want to cart him around, but some sacrifices have to be made. And if you’re requesting a driver when you don’t drive yourself you should just book your ticket to hell. I live in London, I don’t care if a guy drives the likelihood is that I’d still want to take the tube.

Forget money, cars and all that crap, what happened to just clicking with someone? Yeah, you don’t want to have to carry someone through a relationship (emotionally or financially), but would you rather have some rich uncaring hustler or a genuine person with a good job?

And with guys, yes, it’s seen as the women’s place to cook and clean, but you can’t expect her to do it all. Help out or do it together! She’s not your Mum or your maid- she’s your girl!

People’s priorities of what they look for in potential partners have slipped and then they wonder why it doesn’t work out? I don’t understand this world. I’m so lost.