#SaveMarinaJoyce: What’s Going On With Marina?

I was up most of the night discussing YouTuber Marina Joyce. Her fans have noticed that her behaviour has changed drastically and in this post one fan created a post citing many reason for worries, including bruises, a gun in the background, the way Marina keeps repeating herself and looking behind the camera and the fact there’s clearly someone behind the camera telling her where to stand etc.

This was enough cause for worry, but last night Marina encouraged fans to meet her at 6:30am in Bethnal Green on the 3rd August for a morning party and this caused a lot of worry, especially when many fans took the meet up to be today.

Many people (mainly Americans and non-Londoners) Googled Bethnal Green and immediately found old news stories to scare people into not going as well as Googling opening times and stating Bethnal Green, an area in London, is supposedly not open at 6:30am *rolls eyes*

People worried that Marina was being abused and some even theorised that she’d been kidnapped by ISIS and made to lure teens to the meet up.

Friends also posted saying Marina was okay but gave no explanation for all the worrying signs.

She’s since been visited by Enfield Police who have confirmed she is okay.

Today she took to Twitter to confirm she was okay and livestreamed.

Many fans mentioned her eyes darting around and her facial expressions changing rapidly, but this can be explained by her just reading and reacting to comments.

However, there was some more worrying behaviour…

She wouldn’t explain where she got the bruises from and when she went to explain why she was sad, the livestream cut out.

I think everything can be explained pretty easily…

We hope she’s okay and get the help she needs if not.

UPDATE: She’s been livestreaming with azzacurrey95. Her mum has now come forward to explain the whispering in Marina’s video that sounded like ‘help me’ so maybe it is her mum helping her maintain her YouTube.

However, she mentions that she’s glad she didn’t edit the ‘help me’ out. Could this be true? While Marina won’t explain her bruises and says it’s a sad story, her Mum simply says she fell a lot.

She said she doesn’t have a drug problem or touch drugs which directly contradicts what her friends and people who know her have said.

This, however, seems like a bit of a leap

Aaron says he’ll ask her again about several things, including the pancake tweet

It’s likely that this is just something that has just been blown way out of proportion.

Marina has now spoken out in an interview with Philip DeFranco, but I question whether she’s telling the truth surrounding the drug topic.

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