Pretty Little Liars: Why Charles Is A Makes Complete Sense

Last week the the season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars aired and all was revealed. Okay, well not all, but quite a bit.

In the finale, Spencer sees a home video of Mrs DiLaurentis holding a baby Ali. Two young boys kiss their baby sister goodnight. Jason… and his twin brother Charles.

Charles DiLaurentis is -A.

Who the fuck is he? I hear you cry. Well, if you haven’t, please don’t try and call yourself any more than a causal viewer.

We were first introduced to Charles a few episodes ago via a note on Mona’s mirror. Each line of the note was an anagram for Charles DiLaurentis.


After watching the finale, I re-watched the 5 episodes where Marlene King said we’d find clues and, while many are frustrated with the Charles result, after re-watching these episodes I felt myself piecing together more of the story. 

Why Charles Is A Makes Sense

The Hastings Always Seemed Too Involved


Maybe Mrs DiLaurentis isn’t the only one protecting her family? Mr Hastings and Melissa have always raised my suspicions. 

Additionally, this could link Charles back to the NAT club that the girls (and Ali) were exploring before. After all, he did make them recreate the prom from that year.

Ezra, Ali and the girls Suspected Ali’s Mum

Ezra, who had researched so much to write his book, suspected Ali’s mum to be -A. Well maybe she wasn’t a, but she could have been helping him.

Here’s some other reasons Jessica DiLaurentis could have been on the A team.

We already know that Mrs D was having an affair with Bethany Young’s dad and that Ali lured Bethany to Rosewood on labour day, but how long was the affair going on for? When Ali finds two dresses in the piano at Christmas, Jessica DiLaurentis’ reaction about Mr DiLaurentis leaving them was pretty strange.

There’s a theory that says the Hasting kept Charles while the DiLaurentis family kept Jason. Later the Hastings have Melissa, then Bethany, and then Spencer before deciding to give Charles and Bethany to the Young family. Bethany went to Radley when she found out the truth and Mrs DiLaurentis went to make sure she didn’t tell anyone (and this is why she’s on the board of trustees at Radley). Then Charles found out and became A. This ties in with Mrs DiLaurentis having an affair with Bethany’s father (and possibly the two dresses at Christmas if it turns out the Bethany was another Hastings-DiLaurentis love child, which would explain why she looks so much like Ali). Additionally, Melissa probably wouldn’t have recognised Bethany when she buried her.

To me, this theory doesn’t explain why Charles would go after Ali. Although there are a few possibilities:

  • A theory states that he wanted to be a girl so was jealous of her, but why would he be jealous of Ali and no Bethany or a Hastings daughter?
  • He could be going after Ali for luring Bethany to Rosewood where she met her death
  • Other theories say Lucas is Charles (Charles did seem to have dark hair after all). Mona’s anagram also says ‘Nerd Lucas Is The Liar’

Ali’s Mum Buried Ali Because She Was Protecting Someone

What other possible reason could there be to cover up the (thought to be) death of your own child than to protect your other child? She did ask “What have you done?” the whole time while doing it.

Mrs DiLaurentis Was Murdered

She knew who hit Ali. Maybe she was planning to tell? You know what they say, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

Other interesting things to note:

  • A’s lair is based at Campbell farm… as in Andrew Campbell. How does this tie in?
  • Mrs DiLaurentis is on the board of trustees at Radley. One theory believes this is because Charles was at Radley because he hated his half sister for always being the centre of attention. Could Charles stolen the game from Mona at Radley?
  • Ali’s mum didn’t want Ali to go out on Labour Day and she was having a worrying phone call at the time
  • In the home video, one twin (presumably Jason) kisses his sister, while the other (Charles) simply pets her
  • Could Charles have killed Jason? Has Charles been playing Jason the whole time?
  • These Charles Is A theories.

Marlene King says that our questions will all be answered in the next two seasons. So what are your theories? What is Charles’ motive?

I might have to do a theory round-up to go with this!

If the title spoilt the series for you then where have you been in the past week? I’m late writing this, other people should have already spoilt the show for you if you still haven’t watched it.