Pretty Little Liars: Who Just Got Murdered? [Recap & Theories]

After a week’s break, we’re reunited with our beloved Pretty Little Liars. The episode opens with the girls in the brew discussing A.D. Ali walks in wearing the red jacket the girls gave to A.D. Spencer tries to explain their actions, but Ali retorts “You thought that Hanna’s life was worth more than mine.”

Back at Ali’s house Marco has an update for her and Mary. He tells them about Archer Dunhill. He believes that the trail is there to divert the police’s attention. He gives Ali 24 hour police protection.

Hanna is struggling to write her business plan for Lucas when she gets a call on Elliot’s burner phone. An man with an English accent warns her “Next time you bury someone, make sure they’re dead.” which leads the girls to spending most of the episode believing Elliot is alive and after them.

Spencer heads to The Lost Woods Resort only to find Mary lying in wait with a crowbar thinking she was Elliot.

Aria and Hanna share their relationship problems and Hanna finally admits her and Jordan are over.

Caleb returns to officially break things off with Spencer and confesses to Ezra that he thinks the girls are hiding something.

Emily goes to serve drinks to Jenna’s room and takes the opportunity to check out her laptop, not realising Sara is just on the balcony. After being caught, Emily admits the girls are being threatened. While Sara seems to want to share what she knows with Emily, Jenna stops her, instead telling Emily only what she wants to disclose.

It turns out that Jenna and Charlotte were friends (Jenna reached out after reading about her and it turns our Charlotte already knew all about her). They both knew Elliot was Archer but just wanted to use Ali to get Charlotte out. Jenna was looking for Charlotte’s birth mother (Mary Drake). Jenna got Archer his new identity and into Welby.

As Emily leaves, Sara warns her not to come back, but as she’s about to tell Emily who she’s afraid of Jenna stops her.

Ali goes through Mary’s things and asks her to explain gaps in her story. If Mary never met Charlotte, how did Charlotte come up with the name CeCe DRAKE? Mary is taken aback, insisting she never met her but maybe Charlotte knew about Mary. She gets emotional over the fact she didn’t get to ever hold Charles as a baby or meet Charlotte before she died and that Jessica took everything from her.

Aria heads over to Ezra’s to tell him everything before accepting his proposal.

Emily goes to tell Ali what she’s learnt and Ali realises that Charlotte had been lying to her. Emily leaves and Ali’s cop protection can be seen in his car putting on a mask (you know where this is headed).

Spencer and Hanna work things out and Hanna tells Spencer about her dream about her when she was captured before they get another call on the burner phone. Hanna warns Ali and Ali asks the cop to come inside.

The officer attacks Ali and she prepares to take her last breath, luckily the sound of sirens and back up scares him off. It’s convenient how Mary was supposedly away with her contractor at this time, especially considering it looks like it’s late in the evening. Even if it was confirmed by the police, it seems sketchy to me.

Sara goes to leave the Radley, but gets a surprise visit when she opens the door of her room.

Spencer and Hanna return to the woods to check Elliot’s body is still there. They start digging and find that it is, and now A.D. also has video evidence of the girls digging in that spot.

A maid at the Radley then finds Sara dead in the bathtub.


  1. Where was Noel Khan in all of this? He only just got back
  2. Could Wren be the guy on the phone? Maybe this was initially his plan since he was the doctor but he had to bring his brother in to make things less obvious.
  3. Did Archer/Elliot kill Charlotte thinking it would make it easier to get to Ali and the money?
  4. How did Charlotte find out Jessica wasn’t her birthmother? Did she read about her in Radley?

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