Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Mary Drake’s Second Child? [Theories]

In this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars titled Original G’A’ngsters, we find out that Mary Drake has a second child. While this is something the fandom have suspected for a while, we got some new information. The second child is around the age of the girls, ruling out people like Wren, Mike and Melissa. Who is Mary’s second child?

Andrew Campbell

After all, he is adopted and the Campbell farm is in the background of the video the girls found in the dollshouse. Maybe Mary knew the Campbells and decided to give her second child to them rather than to Jessica. If Andrew really is a Drake, maybe he’s A.D.

Noel Khan

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Mary Drake's Second Child? [Theories]

Noel has always had a strange but distant involvement in the whole story and he did steal Mary’s file out of Toby’s airstream trailer. It could be that he’s only just learning about his mother, possibly with the help of Jenna. The doctor listed on Mary’s paperwork is also the same doctor Noel called when the girls were hiding under the bed in Jenna’s hotel room. Also, Noel has written ‘I See You’ on the girls’ car before when he saw Aria and Ezra together in Season 1 – to me this seems like a big clue. The episode’s title also leaves me to believe it will be someone who’s been in the show from the start.

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Mary Drake's Second Child? [Theories]

Spencer Hastings

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Mary Drake's Second Child? [Theories]

Mary seemed to tell Spencer an awful lot at their first meeting. There seemed to be a sense of trust already founded, and since then there have been a few Spencer-Mary scenes that could be used to back up this theory. When Spencer asks Mary if they’d met, Mary said “A long time ago, but you wouldn’t remember.” Plus, they totally share their love for coffee. It could be that Mary tricked Peter into thinking she was Jessica, but that would mean Peter and Jessica’s affair went on long after Jason was born. Veronica may well think that Spencer is Jessica’s too, but didn’t question why Jessica didn’t take her in like she did with Jason. Maybe this is why Mary checked to see if Spencer’s parents were in and told her she couldn’t stay friends with her ex lovers.

Mary’s initial conversation with Spencer highlighted a lot of similarities between them and their appearance is also very similar. Dr Cochrane also said the baby was underweight and tenacious. Toby brought up Spencer’s tenacity this season and if the baby was hyperglycaemic (a condition that leads to being born underweight) it would explains why her low blood sugar levels have been brought up multiple times.

Back in Season 4, Charlotte (as A) sewed finger bones into Spencer’s dress, while the lyrics ‘Hey little sister’ played in the background. When Spencer is with Charles in the dollshouse, she tells the girls he felt familiar, like someone she knew when she was little.

Aria Montgomery

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Mary Drake's Second Child? [Theories]

There’s been a few ‘Aria is A’ theories flying about since the start of the show, but what caught my attention in this episode is that Aria’s file is missing, but unlike Noel’s file which was discarded, Aria’s was kept. Aria also got a photo of Charlotte’s family in The Dollshouse, possibly hinting that she was part of it? Aria’s crazy uncle Scott could be her father, or if Aria isn’t the second child her uncle could be Charlotte’s father.

Jenna Marshall

While Jenna and Toby are step siblings, not much seems to be known about Jenna’s mum. She definitely has the Mary Drake look and this could explain why Jenna reached out to Charlotte and tried to help her find her birth mum and may explain while she’s still so invested in it all now.


Maya St. Germaine

Going back to this theory:

The wildest theory I heard is that Maya St. Germain is Mary Drake and Eddie Lamb’s daughter, and she is A.D. She was a secret given to Eddie’s sister to stop Eddie losing his job. When Maya moved to Rosewood and found out the truth, she relapsed. On her return, Charlotte helped her fake her death to give her sister a free life with her mother Mary. It’s a pretty complex theory that goes into great detail, touching on Mary has a little Lamb (I.E. Maya Lamb) and ‘Maya Knew’.

Sara Harvey

Sara Harvey started out as just being a girl matching the same description as Ali that went missing. A few things don’t add up, such as her going missing before Charlotte even became A, but what if Charlotte picked her for a reason beyond just what she looked like? Charlotte clearly knew about Mary since she called herself CeCe Drake, so it’s possible she knew she had a sibling too. Maybe Jessica had Charlotte helping her look for Ali (after she realised she escaped being burried alive) in Aunt Carol’s basement and that’s where Charlotte learnt more about her birth mother. Sara didn’t have a good relationship with her mum and has stayed in Rosewood despite Charlotte’s departure. After everything Charlotte supposedly did to her, why would Sara be so eager to find out what happened to her if there wasn’t a deeper connection? The DiLaurentis family may not have taken her in as with Alison being the same age it would be obvious Sara wasn’t theirs (also, they probably learnt their lesson after adopting Charlotte). This rejection may be Sara’s reason for justifying teaming up with Charlotte. If this is true maybe that’s why Jenna and Sara connected – they both knew about Mary being Charlotte’s mum.

Bethany Young

Pretty Little Liars: Who Is Mary Drake's Second Child? [Theories]

When Bethany’s body was said to be Ali’s, it was because they had similar DNA, which wouldn’t be surprising if their mother’s were twins. Bethany had the same violent outbursts that Mary had and this would also explain why Jessica was visiting Bethany and asked her to call her Aunt Jessie. Jessica’s affair with Bethany’s Dad would also add to Jessica always taking things from Mary.

Alison DiLaurentis

Since Jessica took Mary’s first child, it would only make sense for her to take her second. This would explain Alison’s natural trust for Mary, but Mary was in cahoots with Elliot to get Charlotte’s money back, it makes no sense for her to also sabotage her other daughter (unless somehow she never knew Ali was her daughter and Jessica just never told her what she did with her second child).

Other less likely suggestions:

  • Toby
  • Lucas
  • Sabrina (God I hope not)

Of course, it could be that her child is not A.D. as right now I think Noel and Wren are strong contenders for the role of A.D. I definitely think they’re at least on the same team, plus since A.D. has an English accent like Elliot did it’s more likely that A.D. and the second child are not the same person.

There’s also some question as to who Charlotte’s father even is. Some theories say it could be Wren’s Dad and that’s why Wren (A.D. is so desperate to find out who killed his little sister)

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