Pretty Little Liars: Who Did We Just Kill?

Last week’s Pretty Little Liars ended with Hanna hitting and killing Dr. Elliot Rollins while pursuing him and Ali. Episode 4 opened with a scene of the girls burying the body, similar to the one in the premiere.

Hanna is distraught by what she’s done, but after going to Spencer’s to clear up after the deed (and awkwardly overhearing a heartfelt conversation between Spencer and Caleb), she pulls herself together to do her part in covering it up.

Aria takes Ali back to Welby, strapping her down just like Elliot would. She asks Ali if she killed Charlotte, explaining that her and Ezra saw her go into the church. Ali explains that she’d just told Charlotte about her and Elliot and she was upset, Ali followed her to the church but left when Charlotte asked her to. Emily packs Rollins an overnight bag to make it look like he left town in a hurry. Aria and Hanna then go back to torch the car, but it’s gone. They search frantically until they’re blinded by the beam of headlights. Mona jumps out with a smug smile; she’s fixed the windscreen.

Spencer, however, let’s down the team. She waits at the Radley for Aria’s text to signal that she should take Elliot’s jacket with his phone in and put it on a train (buying the ticket with his credit card), however instead she let’s herself be get drunk with a man at the bar. After almost hooking up with him in the elevator, she eventually realises what she’s done and phones Emily. When she pays for the drinks the camera seems to linger on the credit card, which leads me to think she may have mistakenly paid with Elliot’s card (earlier in the night she made eye contact with the CCTV watching her, meaning if she used Elliot’s card they’d be able to pinpoint her to the transaction). It did seem to come out of her purse, but she could have just put it in there as it’s less suspicious than carrying his wallet around. I don’t see any other reason for the CCTV to be acknowledged and the card to be focused on. She also told the guy she was burying a body when he asked what she had been doing that evening, which can be used against her if she did use Rollins’ card.

She goes home to find Caleb has left.

The next day, the liars and Mona have breakfast at the Radley when a familiar tapping sound catches their attention: Jenna Marshall is back.

Mary Drake visits Ali at Welby and tells her “No need to call for the nurse dear, I’m in charge now”

Aria and Emily head to Welby to visit Ali, but are met with a police crew. Toby takes them back to Spencer’s and confirms what I suspected last week. Elliot Rollins is not Elliot Rollins; he stole a dead man’s identity.

Hanna realises she’s lost her bracelet and Mona confronts her about her fake engagement ring, encouraging her to tell the others that they broke up. They go back to Elliot’s car and break in. Hanna finds her bracelet, but as they walk away they hear a phone ring. Under the floor mat they find a concealed compartment containing Elliot’s burner phone. Mona picks up… it’s Jenna.

After the episode, I had loads more questions I want answers to:

  • Why is Jenna really back and what is her part in all this? It’s clearly not to celebrate Toby’s engagement and she’s clearly involved with the newly deceased Dr. Rollins, but how?
  • I never thought Ali killed Charlotte, but I’d still like to know who went into the church after her?
  • Is Elliot related to Wren and Wren to Mary Drake? Mary travelled a lot and both Elliot and Wren are British.
  • Who did they just kill and how do they tie in with all this?
  • Did Charlotte know that Elliot wasn’t Elliot?
  • With fake Rollins now dead, who is the man coming after Ali when she’s in her classroom in the promo videos?

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