Pretty Little Liars: The DArkest Knight – Who is A.D.? [Recap & Theories]

Pretty Little Liar’s Season 7 aired its mid-season finale tonight and it was eventful to say the least.


If you read my predictions article or Mary Drake’s second child theories, you’ll know I was super excited to watch this episode. In this article I’ll be recapping the episode and exploring some theories at the end.

Here’s a quick recap of the episode:

Hanna cuts Noel to get a blood sample which she takes to get tested against Mary’s DNA. Meanwhile, the rest of the girls are worried and looking for Hanna with the police.

Hanna later invites Mona to help her get her story straight so she can reunite with the group until the test results are in.

Mona then confronts Jenna, telling her to stop looking for Noel.


Ezra is due to return home to Aria after having no luck tracking down Nicole.

Who discovers something about her future?

My prediction: Aria will fall pregnant and Nicola will be alive, which would obviously be complicated.

What actually happened: Ali admits to Emily that’s she pregnant with baby Rollins/Dunhill! It was such an obvious option I completely skipped over it.

Hanna and Caleb reunite and Haleb fans went wild.

Spencer goes to visit Toby to say goodbye and asks to kiss him one last time. He indulges her request, but when Spencer pulls a way he is left wanting more (he umms and ahhs about texting her later in the episode).

Emily comforts Alison about her pregnancy while Paige plays the role of the super annoying ex-girlfriend.


Hanna gets back the test results which confirm that Noel is NOT related to Mary in any way, shape or form. Obviously, because that would have been too obvious.

Noel and Jenna lure the Liars to Jenna’s old school for the blind.


After exchanging their incriminating evidence, the girls get ready to leave. Of course, Emily leaves her phone upstairs and Hanna accompanies her to retrieve it because when you’re in a strange and scary place with dangerous people you should obviously split up.

Typically, their path is blocked by Noel Khan.


Noel is armed with a battleaxe, while Jenna blindly points a gun around in the dark with Aria, Spencer and Ali.

Who dies?

My prediction: Toby would come and save the day and lose his life in the process

What actually happened: Noel is beheaded with his own battleaxe.

However, Toby may still be dead just not in this fight. On his way out of town, he was in a car accident (something a fan had seen when visiting the studio).


Hey may still be alive since the guaranteed death was Noel and I’d see no reason for Keegan to just need to leave the show when there’s only half a season left, but we’ll see. Hopefully only Yvonne will die, then Spoby can reunite.

Who got shot?

My prediction: Aria would be shot, but would not die

What actually happened: Spencer is shot. After all my reasoning in my predictions article, it turns out they showed the back of her leg in the preview. Since the back was not ripped, it made it look like Aria. Jenna later seems to think it was A.D. that shot Spencer, not her, so it’s possible it wasn’t even Jenna’s shot that got her.

And who should come to the rescue? It’s only Mary Drake.

Who is Mary Drake’s Second Child?

My prediction: Spencer (here’s why Spencer was such an obvious choice for Mary Drake’s second child)

What actually happened: Most of my predictions were wrong, apart from the main one.


Jenna is then taken by A.D.


Who is A.D.?

I’ve always believed Wren is part of the A team and when I saw he was returning in 7b it just confirmed it. I definitely think Wren was the British voice on the other end of Archer’s burner phone and I think it’s likely that he lead Archer to Charlotte as a target for money. However, it’s also possible he was playing the A game with Charlotte when she was in Radley, and this connection could be making him want to find her killer (which seemed to be A.D.’s original mission before other people were thrown in the mix).

Why is Veronica okay bringing up Spencer if she’s Mary Drake’s child?

I think Spencer is the product of Peter mistaking Mary for Jessica. However, after the way Veronica reacted to Jason, she can’t know the truth. Spencer was at Radley as a child. The flashback of Maddie Ziegler was in fact her. Peter and Veronica later adopted Spencer.

Who killed Charlotte?

Right now, my money is on Melissa. The evidence leads to her and she’s burried a girl alive to protect Spencer before. Charlotte continued to torment Melissa during the 5 year gap and Melissa blames Charlotte for her relationship with Wren not working out. Killing Charlotte not only got rid of the problem and protected her sister, but if Wren was playing the A game with Charlotte it would also get back at him.

A small part of me thinks it might have been Kenneth or Jason, but they’ve not really been around enough this season to be suspects.

Who killed Mrs DiLaurentis?

In Season 4 when the girls were with Ali in New York, Peter and Jessica confirmed their arrangement. We already knew about Jason, so this had to be something else.


Questions I don’t have an answer to:

  1. Who is Charlotte’s father?
  2. How are Wren and Archer connected?
  3. How did Charlotte know about the Drake name?
  4. Why was Noel helping Charlotte torture the girls? And why did he and Jenna return to Rosewood weeks after Charlotte’s death and not straight away?
  5. Why were Jenna and Noel so intent on killing the girls instead of working with them? Do they think one of them killed Charlotte?

Until April, it’s back to the drawing board for these ones…

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