Pretty Little Liars: Season 7A Finale The DArkest Knight Predictions

Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars is starting to get pretty heated. With the mid season finale on the horizon, predictions and theories are rolling in, especially after reading the synopsis for the 7A finale (called The DArkest Knight).

The Liars face off with their enemies in a chaotic fight that ends fatally. One of the PLLs learns a secret about her past that changes everything while another Liar discovers something about her future that could alter her course forever.

This synopsis seems to suggest that one of the liars is Mary Drake’s second child (secret about her past) which another could possibly be pregnant (something about her future).

Who discovers something about their past (is Mary Drake’s second child)?

After The Wrath of Khan, all clues lead to Khan and that’s the main reason I don’t think he’s Mary Drake’s second child. That’s what they want us to believe. This synopsis states it’s a liar that learns a secret about her past, and my money’s on Spencer. I think Spencer is the product of Peter mistaking Mary for Jessica. However, after the way Veronica reacted to Jason, she can’t know the truth. Spencer was at Radley as a child. The flashback of Maddie Ziegler was in fact her. Peter and Veronica later adopted Spencer.

Mary’s initial conversation with Spencer highlighted a lot of similarities between them and their appearance is also very similar. Dr Cochrane also said the baby was underweight and tenacious. Toby brought up Spencer’s tenacity this season and if the baby was hyperglycaemic (a condition that leads to being born underweight) it would explains why her low blood sugar levels have been brought up multiple times.

Back in Season 4, Charlotte (as A) sewed finger bones into Spencer’s dress, while the lyrics ‘Hey little sister’ played in the background. When Spencer is with Charles in the dollshouse, she tells the girls he felt familiar, like someone she knew when she was little.

The Hastings have always been way too involved to be innocent. I was re-watching Season 4 last week and even after everyone knows about Jason, Peter still checked with Jessica they had an understanding when they were at the police station in the Season 4 finale.

In fact, could he have fathered both Drakes?

Heck, maybe Peter even killed Mrs D because she found out Spencer was a Drake.

Second Choice: Mary and Scott Montgomery had Aria who was then given to Byron and Ella to raise as their own.

Other theories.

If it was Noel, I doubt he’d be running around and trying to find things out the way he is now.

Who discovers something about her future?

I think Aria is probably pregnant and it will turn out that Nicole is alive and just wasn’t immediately found. Obviously, this love triangle plus a baby will lead to complications.

Who dies?

In the promo for the mid season finale, Jenna shoots and someone (can she see???) in blue jeans and brown ankle boots can be seen on the floor. Only Spencer and Aria are wearing blue jeans and brown boots, but Spencer’s jeans are ripped meaning Aria is the one lying on the floor. However, I don’t think it will be Aria who dies. Jenna may have shot Aria thinking she is the second child. After all, they did keep her file.

I think Toby will come and save the day and Jenna will shoot him.

Second Choice: Jenna will be killed as the girl’s defend themselves

Who is A.D.?

In Episode 9 we learned that Noel Khan was working with Charlotte in the Dollshouse and his father was the judge at the adoption hearing for Mary’s second child.

A.D. started off as Elliot and Mary trying to find out who killed Charlotte. A.D. existed before Jenna and Noel returned, so while I think they’ve got the same agenda and Noel is using things he learnt from Charlotte to get answers on her murder, I don’t think he’s the original A.D. That probably was Archer/Elliot, but now he’s gone and Noel and Jenna are up to stuff it seems like all one person. I guess for now Noel has taken over the role of A.D. Either way, Jenna seems to know who the real threat is, but stopped Sara telling Emily before she died.

Who killed Charlotte?

It’s almost like we’ve forgotten about Charlotte and Elliot and Ali isn’t it? What about the British accent on the phone? My suspicions of Wren working with Archer have just been confirmed as Wren is set to return to PLL. Wren was my first pick after we found out about Charles, he was very involved and shady but it turned out he wasn’t A. I think Wren is likely related or close friends with Archer. After having Charlotte as a patient and learning about the Carissimi group, Wren told Archer and they hatched a plan to get hold of her money when she was finally caught. After all, Mona did stop telling Wren her secrets when she found out where his loyalties lie and that he was keeping secrets from her. Melissa may even be in on it, or Wren framed her when killing Charlotte with a bit of her suitcase. It could even be that Melissa did it of her own accord to protect Spencer since she lied about when she got back. It may seem too obvious, but with the London incident, broken suitcase and Melissa being back in Rosewood prior to Charlotte’s release, it all leads back to her. It would also make sense if Wren is crooked as he has close ties with Melissa and their stories and whereabouts have always seemed shady. Melissa probably blamed Charlotte for her ruined relationship and also wanted to protect her sister like she did before when she buried Bethany Young alive.

What are your predictions? Drop a comment and let us know! For now, something to think about:

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