Pretty Little Liars: Season 7 Episode 5 – Along Comes Mary [Recap/Questions/Theories]

After last week’s Pretty Little Liars episode, I was very eager to learn more about who Elliot Rollins really was. This week’s episode, Along Comes Mary, opens with Ali returning home (with Mary Drake) to an awaiting Aria. Mary plays nice, but Aria expresses her concern privately to Alison. Alison explains that she was released as Welby feared she sue after finding out about Elliot Rollins so she’s been release while the investigation takes place and living with Mary is one of the terms of her release.

Once inside Mary and Ali discuss Elliot. Mary says she was vulnerable and he was manipulative and she assumed that Ali was cut from the same cloth as Jessica, and naturally that lead her to help try and convince Ali that she was insane. Mary asks Ali whether she knows anything more about Elliot’s true identity, but she asks in a way as if she’s trying to suss out what the girls know.

Emily wakes up in her apartment with Sabrina and panics when she realises she’s missed her test. Despite not being allowed in, she later receives her test results (92%) and a text from A.D. “Thank me later, ungrateful bitch.”

Ezra returns and tells Aria he told Nicole’s parents about them. Later on in the episode, when Ezra is out running errands, his phone gets a call from Nicole. Aria deletes the call after Emily convinces her there’s probably a reasonable explanation and it’s not worth upsetting him.

The girls overhear the police report of Rosewood P.D. finding Elliot’s car. Meanwhile, Mona manages to uncover some of Elliot’s deleted texts and finds one saying “Ali didn’t kill Charlotte.” sent just before Elliot took Ali out of Welby, meaning he wasn’t taking her away to kill her. Emily later text the number on the burner phone to arrange a meet at the usual spot, which they assume is Elliot’s secret burner apartment. However, Jenna later shows up at Ali’s house looking for Elliot, so there’s a chance she came back a lot sooner than she did publicly and it’s her that Elliot was meeting and texting and the usual spot is the DiLaurentise house. Jenna refuses to tell Ali how she knows Elliot. Ali tells Jenna to tell Archer to go to hell, to which Jenna replies “Maybe he’s already there” Ali later admits to the girls that she feels like she screwed up and Jenna is onto them.

While this is going on, Spencer tries to track down Caleb, she bumps into Marco (the guy from the bar last week) who is now Toby’s supervisor and the lead detective on the Elliot Rollins case. Awkward.

Aria and Emily go to Elliot’s burner apartment. The place is a tip, but it turns out that the mess is just a cover up for all the secrets hidden there. They find a few photo-less passports, a ledger recording him paying M.D. and J.M. (presumably Mary Drake and Jenna Marshall), a book with his name (Archer Dunhill) in it and his Wilden costume. After putting their fingerprints on everything, they’re interrupted by Rosewood P.D. – luckily, it’s just Toby!

Ali is called down to the police station and Marco updates her on Elliot’s whereabouts. Ali is shocked to hear that his credit card has been used in Baltimore. Marco also says that Elliot had assumed his new identity since Charlotte was admitted to Radley and was just after the money, which could mean he’s not directly involved in the A game. However, if this was the case, why would he be texting about Charlotte’s death? He already emptied Ali’s accounts, so why would who killed her matter?

During all this Jenna Marshall and Sara Harvey have buddied up over their mutual enemies. Sara comments on all the coffee Emily is buying, asking her if she’s got a late night study session ahead of here. Hint hint, I think Sara took the test!

Ali pulls a red garment in dry cleaners packaging out of her wardrobe and for a split second I thought we were about to see the return of Red Coat, however it was just the jumper the girls gave A.D. as evidence, with a note saying “Your friends gave me your dirty jacket… but I couldn’t find a shred of evidence A.D.” attached, so now Ali knows her friends turned her in.

Ezra demands to see Aria and it seems like something’s gone wrong and a break up is next, but Aria arrives to find  the place covered in candles. After some heartfelt words, Ezra gets down on one knee and asks Aria to marry him. The scene ends on a cliffhanger as a shocked Aria fails to respond. Ouch.

The episode ends with Noel Khan joining Jenna and Sara for a drink at the Radley.

The episode definitely left me with more questions than answers, but I think I like the way the story is going with the possibility of Elliot not being A.D.

Here are some questions I had after the show:

Did Elliot really just become Elliot for the money or is there more to the story?

How did Elliot know that Ali didn’t kill Charlotte?

Who is making it seem like Elliot is still alive?

While Elliot may not be Elliot, could is be that he’s not Archer Dunhill either? He may have just paid for the place on behalf of the real Archer. If he only targeted Charlotte for her money like Marco says, it’s likely that he was just helping someone else achieve a mutual goal and isn’t A.D. at all. My money’s on Wren being Archer and Archer being A.D.

Why is Noel Khan back?

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