Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 2 – Bedlam [Recap & Review]

After last week’s slow but satisfying start to Pretty Little Liars Season 7, I must say I was a little disappointed with the season’s second instalment. While you could say a lot happened, I don’t feel we got much closer to the answer.

The episode opens with Hanna still in Mary Drake’s car. Mary Drake reveals who she is, explaining that families have secrets and “Sometimes those secrets are actual people.” Despite the fact she seems to be talking about herself (at least to Hanna), this last line made me wonder if there are more members of the Drake and DiLaurentis families that are currently still a secret, other theories suggest Hanna could have a twin after all. Mary drops Hanna off at Spencer’s and they fill her in on what’s going on, later describing her as having the ‘dollhouse’ look.

Meanwhile at Welby, Ali makes a distress call to Emily saying she needs help. Worried, Emily goes to visit but is told that visitors for Ali are restricted to family only. Emily speaks to Elliot who essentially tells her it’s for Ali’s own good.

The episode focuses heavily on relationships and there are several break ups throughout the episode, with Hanna and Jordan breaking up, Spencer and Caleb seeming to break up and Aria ending things with Liam (making Ezra’s meeting with him pretty awkward). While I am delighted that the characters may start to return to their initial relationships before the jump, I feel it slows down the show and the process of getting answers.

Spencer, Aria and Emily corner Elliot who continues to insist Ali can’t have visitors, even Mary Drake (despite her being family). Elliot says he’s spoken to Jason (but this later proves to be unlikely as Toby has been trying to get hold of Jason to confirm Mary Drake’s story with little success, unless Elliot has Jason locked away somewhere too of course). They then get a message from A.D. saying “She’s mine now. No take backs. No do-overs.” which leads them to think that A.D. could be in Welby, and they cast a suspicious look at Elliot.

Emily convinces Spencer that Spencer knows how to talk to Mary Drake. Mary comes to see Spencer to ask about Hanna, confessing she feels bad for not taking Hanna to the police or the hospital. Spencer doesn’t buy it, reminding Mary that she was in control of the car. As a result, Mary is forced to open up to Spencer about her dislike for hospitals and her time at Radley. When Spencer asks why she was in Radley, Mary says that Jessica was babysitting Teddy Carver and called Mary to complain and ask for help. Mary went to help her sister, but Teddy was fast asleep upstairs by the time she got there. Jessica then left to socialise. When the Carvers got home, Mrs Carver went upstairs and screamed. Teddy was dead. Jessica insisted that the baby was fine when she left and everyone believed her and Mary was sent to Radley, which her parents thought would be safer than prison.

Throughout the episode Lucas tries to recruit Hanna and she eventually agrees after breaking off her engagement. Lucas’ involvement to date still raises my suspicions, but I’m inclined to think he might just be slightly weird than part of the A team.

Emily and Mary have a heartfelt conversation about their concern for Ali before going to the sanatarium together. They manage to get into Ali’s room. Ali seems disorientated, asking if she’s in Radley and unable to remember her call to Emily. When she sees Mary, she thinks it’s her mum. She asks “Why did you leave me? When I woke up there was dirt all over me and you wouldn’t help. Why did you leave me in the ground? It’s so cold.” Obviously referring to Labour Day all those years ago. Mary seemingly goes to set Ali straight on who she is, but Ali cuts her off “You were wrong about Elliot. It’s not like what you said at all.” Implying that Jessica knew about Elliot before she died, but Ali doesn’t get the chance to explain what she meant. Dr Rollins bursts in and makes them leave before asking to talk to Mary in private. Emily looks through the frosted windows at the shadows engaged in a heated conversation. Mary tells Elliot that he’s gone too far. Elliot seems to think Mary should be happy enough now she’s got her Carissimi money, but Mary reveals she hasn’t. Emily concludes that maybe it’s Dr Rollins in charge, rather than the mysterious Mary Drake.

The episode ends with Ali being injected with a clear liquid before being wheeled into the light (presumably an operation room or somewhere where she’ll receive electric shock therapy).

Throughout the episode I grew frustrated at the liars’ lack of concern for finding A. I understand they’re worried about Ali, but aside from Emily none of them really did much about that situation.

The promo for next week’s episode looks like it will be heavily focused on Ali and Elliot, but hopefully we’ll get some more answers too. Even if it’s in the form of backstory again! I think it would be a good idea for the liars to try and contact Jason themselves or even Mr DiLaurentis to try and get more information about Mary Drake and maybe move closer to finding Charlotte’s real killer because I highly doubt it was Ali!

What did you think of this week’s episode? If you haven’t already, check out these PLL theories.

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