Pretty Little Liars: Charlotte's Father, Mrs D's Killer, A.D. Theories & More

Pretty Little Liars: Charlotte’s Father, Mrs D’s Killer, A.D. Theories & More

Pretty Little Liars is coming to the end of its final season. There are a lot of questions to answer, many of which I’ve speculated on in previous articles. The main ones being:

  • Who is Charlotte’s father?
  • Who killed Mrs D?
  • Who is A.D.?
  • What is the full extent of Jenna’s involvement?


Charlotte’s Father

Mr Hastings is back in the picture and is confronted by Spencer about his lies after she finds out he’s been back this whole time. He assures her he was looking for Mary and trying to protect the family. Hanna decides to take over the job and contacts the private investigator Mr Hastings is using for the job. The first reveal came when Hanna and Spencer follow up on their lead only to have Pastor Ted open the door. After Ted assures the girls that Mary isn’t there, we see her emerge from within the house. He later gets in touch with Hanna to share some vital information: he’s Charlotte’s father! Despite Mary having only recently told him, Ted has already met Charlotte (as Charles) when he ran a summer camp. He shows Hanna a photo of Charles with none other than… Lucas!

Alison’s Baby / Emily’s Eggs

As Ali struggles to complete her turn, Emily and Paige patch things up. Their happiness won’t last long though. Ali’s forced to shop for her unborn baby as her turn, only to be given a gift for the ‘donor’. When she realises it’s got Emily’s name on she remembers a procedure she went through at Welby- A.D. has fertilised Emily’s stolen eggs and implanted them inside Alison! However, she’s sure the procedure was not done by Archer, but another doctor. Could it be Wren?


Aria Meets A.D.

Meanwhile, Aria is sent a video from A.D. claiming information in her file could put Ezra in jail. She wants out, so accepts an invite to meet A.D. only for the person in the hoodie to be none other than… Sydney. I don’t think Sidney is A.D. as this implies, but I think she is working for A.D. for the same reason she tries to convince Aria to – so she can stop being on the losing side. It will be interesting to know what A.D. has on Sydney though. Aria doesn’t give her an answer, but A.D. chooses Hanna to take the next turn even though it should be Aria’s as if to show her the benefits and tear the girls apart.


Considering how mad the girls are about Aria skipping her turn, it will be interesting to see how they react when they find out she’s been flirting with the enemy.

Mrs D’s Killer

Peter confesses that the last time he saw Mary was when Spencer came home from Radley (the same night Spencer saw Mrs D looking into her bedroom from a window in the DiLaurentis house- presumably looking at Mary who was hiding in Spencer’s room). Despite being delighted after seeing her second-born child, Mary wanted to get revenge on her sister. After all, Mrs D did tell her Charles died many years ago. After Mary failed to enlist Peter’s help, she kills Jessica with his pills and buries her in the Hasting’s yard.


This was not something I had predicted. I’ve always been fairly sure Peter killed Jessica and her I can’t protect you email was meant for Charlotte as she knew it was coming. While he could have killed Jessica thinking she was Mary and tried to hide the evidence in plain sight (on his property) to avoid suspicion, it wouldn’t be worth the risk.

At first, I did think maybe Peter’s absence was to kill Mary, but after seeing her very alive that’s obviously not the case.

The promo for the next episode marks Wren’s return. As we’re drawing closer and closer to the end of the series this seems to only support my prediction that Wren is A.D. With the Radley connections, the doctor thing (we had a clip of doctor gloves the other week and Hanna was forced to perform surgery on a mannequin) and his British accent I think it would be very hard for it to be anyone else.

I wonder if Lucas and Sydney might be related or if the photo of Lucas with Charles was purely a coincidence.