Pretty Little Liars: Questions, Theories & Predictions

Pretty Little Liars: Questions, Theories & Predictions

If you haven’t finished Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars yet, hop on Netflix and revisit this page when you have.

[Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Spoilers Below]

Pretty Little Liars: Questions, Theories & Predictions

Season 6 was a rollercoaster of emotions for Pretty Little Liars watchers. From the midseason A reveal, to the season finale twin reveal, we’ve been left with both answers and more questions. I’m going to start with the biggest reveal of all:

Who is Mary Drake?

Spencer and co. discover that Charlotte’s birth mother, Mary Drake, was a patient at Radley. When Mary had Charles he was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth before becoming Charlotte and then taking her mother’s name to reinvent herself as CeCe Drake. Charles/Charlotte is not older than Jason but in fact the same age. The age gap was probably introduced to hide the adoption and would explain why Jason and Charles look so similar in the video from the Dollshouse in Season 5.

Mary Drake | Pretty Little Liars: Questions, Theories & Predictions

How does she fit into the plot?

Ali has checked herself into Welby for psychiatric help, leaving her husband, Dr Elliot Rollins, in financial control. However, what she doesn’t know is that her husband teamed up with Mary Drake, who also happens to be Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin sister, to torment Ali to the point she felt she needed to check herself in (Yes, the twin theory is real!) Mary wants her daughter’s fortune which is now controlled by the DiLaurentis family. What is not revealed is why Mary is so angry at the DiLaurentis family. I can only assume that she is annoyed with how they treated Charlotte, sending her to Radley, shuttung her out etc.

Mary also mentions Charlotte’s past relationship with Elliot, which could explain why Charlotte’s reaction when Ali revealed she’d been seeing him (although this was just a sacrifice to reclaim Mary and Charlotte’s money, presumably Charlotte knew that but didn’t want any harm to come to her beloved sister that she’d been protecting for so long). I would assume that the Charlotte found time in her teenage years at Radley to get to know her mother, otherwise I don’t see how she’d know to use her mother’s name when becoming CeCe (or she at least knew she was adopted by then). I question when Charlotte’s relationship with Elliot took place and how Mary knows about it as I can’t imagine how Charlotte and Mary were in contact without Ali knowing during Charlotte’s post A reveal hospital stint. Pre A reveal would have made Charlotte a little young to be dating her doctor, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Doctors in this series seem to have a thing for younger girls.


So is Mary -A?

I don’t think so. While it’s possible, Mary and Elliot’s agenda seems completely focused on getting the money and revenge on whoever killed Charlotte. While the money hunger could mean Elliot okayed Charlotte for release and Mary killed Charlotte herself, I think it’s unlikely. I’ve always thought Wren was on the A team, and after Hanna’s flashback to London where Melissa talked about things ending with Wren after a call from Charlotte, I’ve become more and more convinced. Although, I’m unsure of Wren’s motive. It’s possible that both Wren and Elliot loved Charlotte. Elliot’s British accent has made me question whether there is some link between Wren, A and the Elliot/Mary plot lines. If Elliot is related to Wren, he may also suffer from mental health issues like Wren’s schizophrenic dad.

Also, at the end of S6E10, the girls get a text from A.D. not M.D. While I think this was a text from someone on Mary’s ‘team’ I don’t think it’s the same as an A text. Mary thinks Hanna killed Charlotte and therefore wants her revenge, but I can’t imagine she’s been the only one tormenting the girls by text (and if she is I’ll be very disappointed!).

Who is A.D.?

The only person with those initials so far has been Ali, except she is now a Rollins. It’s been suggested that this is probably a new Drake/DiLaurentis that we are yet to meet.

Who killed Charlotte?

Charlotte/Charles/CeCe | Pretty Little Liars: Questions, Theories & Predictions

As I already mentioned, while it could have been Mary I think it’s unlikely. My money’s on Melissa. It may seem tooobvious, but with the London incident, broken suitcase and Melissa being back in Rosewood prior to Charlotte’s release, it all leads back to her. It would also make sense if Wren is A as he has close ties with Melissa and their stories and whereabouts have always seemed shady. Melissa probably blamed Charlotte for her ruined relationship and also wanted to protect her sister like she did before when she buried Bethany Young alive. While some fingers point at Mona, I don’t think she’s capable of murder, even if it’s the murder of someone who tortured her. Hitting Hanna with a car seems to be a one off violent attack. And I don’t think Sara has the brains to take over the game, she’s a red herring.

Who killed Mrs D?

Jessica DiLaurentis | Pretty Little Liars: Questions, Theories & Predictions

Mary might not have killed her daughter, but I think she’d be able to kill her twin sister if that sister has locked said daughter up at Radley for most of her life. However, I question whether her dying on the Hastings’ property points the finger at a Hastings… Peter perhaps?

So, what’s with Sara Harvey?

I haven’t the slightest clue. I think she’s trying to piece together more about Charlotte and that’s why she visits the Radley basement. Mary’s record was the only thing in the hidden cupboard, I think she was looking for that. Who knows why it was hidden so well.

That’s what I think. What about you? I’ll keep this updated with my thoughts, so make sure you let me know yours in the comments below.