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Social Media: TheCurrencyBlog [Twitter]

Prem Raja, trading floor manager of Currencies4u, started up TheCurrencyBlog in order to share his analysis of the currency market and gain new currency clients.

Prem asked me to build the blog’s Twitter following in order to drive more traffic to the blog and therefore get more clients. Over the month that we worked together, the account gained 1034 followers as well as much more interaction in the form of replies, retweets and likes.

Admittedly, with my background, this was probably one of the hardest tasks I’ve taken on. The audience was much harder to target than the audience of other clients I’ve had and I don’t know a whole lot about the finance industry. However, I loved having the opportunity to work outside of my comfort zone and learn new things!

Package chosen: Standard

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Date:  March 29, 2016
Skills:  Social Media, Twitter
Client:  TheCurrencyBlog
Project URL:  Launch Project