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Social Media: August Twelfth [Twitter + Instagram]

August Twelfth brought me on board to help grow his social media followings in the month leading up to the release of his new EP.

I wrote a custom strategy for his Twitter and Instagram accounts and worked alongside him to implement them. Overall, I’m really happy with how much the accounts grew in a month and I love the positive feedback August has received on his music as a result. I’m looking forward to see what his new followers thing of his EP (out on August 12th).


August was already pretty well connected on Twitter, nevertheless it wasn’t hard to find more people that loved his music and shared his passion for the industry. 3778 people to be precise. As a result of this larger audience, August Twelfth’s profile received a lot more engagement in the form of retweets, replies and favourites.


Growing August’s Instagram was a little trickier. However, with a mix of funny pictures and promotional posts and a couple of videos of him singing (posted by him), we managed to gain 3303 followers.

As part of his package, August received both a Twitter and Instagram report with analytics for the month we worked together that will help him use social media more efficiently in future.

Package chosen: Standard

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Date:  August 4, 2015
Skills:  Social Media, Twitter
Client:  August Twelfth