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Press Release: Jay Carteré – The Love Story [EP]

Jay Carteré is finally ready to release his dance EP, The Love Story.

Jay’s love affair with dance music all started back in 2013. After releasing his 5th rap mixtape, Caesar Augustus, Jay found himself mesmerised by the catchy synth lines and infectious melodies of dance music. Jay has since produced a multitude of high energy dance tracks infused with pop sensibilities in an effort to appeal to both hardcore fans of the genre and casual listeners.

The end result is The Love Story, a 7 track EP that takes the listener on a journey, not dissimilar to Jay’s own experience with dance music. Each track progresses through The Love Story from partying to finding love to the downward spiral as the relationship comes to an end.

The first track The Night is the catalyst that provides the backbone to many of the songs on this project. Dipping his toe in the waters of dance production, Jay focuses on instrumentation and injects sparse vocals throughout this synth-infused spectacle. An extended version of the song is available as a bonus track when you purchase the EP from iTunes. Alternatively, if you prefer music with more vocals, I Wanna is the perfect song for a Saturday night. Jay sets out his hopes for the evening over a mix of subtle and heavy production.

Jay Carteré switches it up with something a little different with Lighthouse. The song sees Jay marry his love of dance production with his passion for rap, while flattering the listener with a charming metaphor before moving on to deliver silkily smooth vocals on Right Now.

The EP comes to a close with Over You, as Jay ties up loose ends with his equivalent of a broken-hearted ballad. As for the tracks in between those mentioned above, you’ll have to take a listen for yourself.

By stepping out of his comfort zone as a rapper, Jay has been able to explore and appreciate other musical genres. Both this and his music production studies at university have clearly enhanced his ability as a songwriter and helped him become a more confident producer.

The Love Story is out May 11th. Pre-order it on iTunes here:

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Date:  May 11, 2015
Skills:  PR
Client:  Jay Carteré
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