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Press Release: Jay Carteré – I Wanna [SINGLE]

London-born Jay Carteré is back with another dance track, I Wanna.

Following the release of his 5th rap mixtape, Caesar AugustusJay found himself mesmerised by the catchy synth lines and infectious melodies of dance music. Jay has since produced a multitude of high energy dance tracks infused with pop sensibilities in an effort to appeal to both hardcore fans of the genre and casual listeners.

This summer Jay released The NightNow he’s back with his second single, I Wanna, a party tune with a somber vibe.

I Wanna is the perfect song for a Saturday night. Jay sets out his hopes for the evening over a mix of subtle and heavy production.

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Date:  November 27, 2014
Skills:  PR
Client:  Jay Carteré
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