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Press Release: Jay Carteré – Caesar Augustus [MIXTAPE]

After much anticipation, London rapper Jay Carteré is releasing his fifth mixtape, Caesar Augustus, on 27/09/13.

In the past few weeks Jay Carteré has been teasing his empire of fans by releasing new music weekly in the form of his ‘FrostyFridays‘ episodes, which have been featured on the likes of SBTV and Link Up TV.

The new mixtape, Caesar Augustus, serves as the perfect vehicle for Jay’s versatility, lyrical tracks full of wordplay and ego are equally matched by songs with catchy hooks that never fail to paint a vivid picture.

The free mixtape delves into a range of real-life topics, demonstrating Jay’s ability to write songs for all audiences. Jay uses his song, Love of Money, to give us an insight into the world of a young black boy growing up on a London estate, detailing the troubles he faced. However, growing up wasn’t the only struggle as Pussy sees Jay tell the story of the everlasting quest males endure to secure a female’s intimacy. We soon see that having a girlfriend isn’t always easy, as Jay employs Side Chick to explore the idea of boredom in a relationship and the need for something different.

Jay Carteré will shortly be releasing videos from the mixtape on his YouTube channel. Meanwhile you can follow Jay on Twitter @JayRapGod, like him on Facebook and check out more of his music on

Jay Carteré – Caesar Augustus Mixtape

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Date:  September 27, 2013
Skills:  PR
Client:  Jay Carteré
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