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Digital Marketing: Xotica Tattoo Company

While working as a body piercer at Xotica Tattoo Company, I carried out a range of digital marketing duties including web design, social media management and email marketing.

I encouraged the team to move away from their Tumblr-based website in favour of a more professional looking WordPress website where everyone’s portfolio was up to date and easy for potential customers to access. To ensure the website required minimal maintenance, I used each artist’s Instagram feed to form their portfolio. Each artist had their own page with a bio and each service had a page with more information (with an additional FAQ page for both piercings and tattoos).

While working there I also managed their social media pages including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (with the Twitter account being started from scratch). During my time with the studio I was able to increase the follower count and engagement rate across all networks and gained them 300 Twitter followers on their new account.

I also set up a Mailchimp account which was used to send tattoo or piercing aftercare emails to customers after visiting the studio. The email took them to the appropriate FAQ page for the treatment they received and they were then saved and segmented as the respective artist’s customer.

While I’m sure there is more I could have done for the studio’s online presence if I had more time, I am proud of my accomplishments while there considering it was not my purpose nor part of my role.

Date:  March 31, 2017
Skills:  Instagram, SEO, Social Media, Twitter, Web Design
Client:  Xotica Tattoo Company
Project URL:  Visit Website