Pitch Perfect 2 [Review]

Pitch Perfect 2 [Review]

As a love of music and a lover of movies (when I have time), I  loved the first Pitch Perfect movie and therefore had to see the sequel.

After winning the US national championships 3 times in a row, the film opens with the Bardon Bellas performing for president Barrack Obama, however due to an unforeseen wardrobe malfunction the a ca sisters lose their right to perform on their victory tour. Instead, the opportunity is handed over to a rival group from Germany, Das Sound Machine.

Das Sound Machine | Pitch Perfect 2 [Review]

In order to win back their rights as an a capella group, the Bellas must compete against the “physically flawless” DSM in the World Championships. At the same time Beca (Anna Kendrick) struggles to break into the music industry (outside of the a cappella world) and impress her boss at her new internship with the help of the new group member, Emily (who seemed like a pretty weak character to me).

The sequel isn’t too different to the first instalment. The film revisits the importance of teamwork as the Bellas struggle to find their sound before the big competition.

Unsurprisingly for a comedy, the film is hilarious. I found it myself laughing more than I did during the original, despite the reuse of certain jokes and ‘playful’ racism (mostly pretty comical and lighthearted jokes about Mexicans).

If you enjoyed the first film, I’d definitely recommend seeing Pitch Perfect 2. However, if you’re looking for a comedy with a bit more substance, I’d look elsewhere as the plot is pretty predictable.