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The multi-talented Jay Carteré sat down with Music Ahead – a new website dedicated to following the shift in the recording …

Big Sean sits down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album, Dark Sky Paradise, Ariana Grande, working with Eminem and more.

The Breakfast Club sit down with Chris Brown as he discusses his run-ins with the law, how he's portrayed in the media, Rihanna, marriage and kids, and more.

I caught up with Tariq Moore to find out how he got into poetry and what he plans to do in the future.

Here I catch up with Foreign Motives' lead guitarist, Ben.

ACE caught up with Tevyn J to see what he's been working on.

Rebekah Buffong- Interview with Poetical TV: Rebekah Buffong talks fame and celebrity culture with Poetical TV. @RebekahBuffong

Rebekah Buffong catches up with Miss Kai Ryder to talk about her new single, Brand New, in an interview with Aysh Cream Ent.

B Moni catches up with a very humble Dappy backstage at Benny Banks' headline show where he came out to perform Who's The Daddy.

Benny Banks addresses his issues with Squeeks and talks about the label situation with Remel London and B Moni on Link Up TV.

Rebekah Buffong talks to CathyM about her music, her beliefs and being an independent artist.


Beyoncé's Self-Titled documentary about her new visual album.

I caught up with Jay Carteré to see how things are going after the release of his Caesar Augustus mixtape! Watch here.


Mike interviews Jay Carteré to talk about his new mixtape, Caesar Augustus. Check it out!

@JayRapGod @LilLevz

In this interview Yungen talks about the progress he's made in his career, the big moments and more!


Krept & Konan talk about the features on their Young Kingz mixtape.

@KreptPlayDirty @KonanPlayDirty

Krept & Konan talk Road Rap Vs. Real Life Music

@KreptPlayDirty @KonanPlayDirty

Jessie J talks hair, business, music and more!


Akala discusses spirituality with Amaru Don TV.


Akala links up with Amaru Don TV to discuss his new album.


Akala links up with Amaru Don TV to discuss The Thieves Banquet.


Professor Green gives us an insight to his career


Mic Righteous talks to UrbanWorld about the success of Open Mic, the game and labels.


G Frsh sits down to talk about his latest release, Legoman 2.


Labrinth shows us his restaurant, while Will lays down a few bars over the guitar before they head off to use music to help autistic children! @LabrinthDa1st

Krept & Konan talk about self belief and how their positive mental attitude fuelled their career, even at the toughest times.

@KreptPlayDirty @KonanPlayDirty

Mic Righteous sits down with SBTV to discuss his new mixtape, Mic Wasn't Thinking. The mixtape, which is out on the 6th, has some mad crazy ideas!


ACE catches up with RoughCut producer, Arcade Crossfire with a pretty humorous result!


Aysh catches up with South London's P. Dot as he discusses his musical plans, plays This Or That and drops a freestyle!


We've all seen it haven't we? Those people on Twitter who insist on hating? Wretch 32 & Angel get together to discuss how they handle Twitter critics.

@Wretch32 @ThisIsAngel

Cashtastic talks about the build up to his publishing deal with Universal and his supposed signing to illuminati! He also discusses the UK rap …

Conor Butler talks about his progression and experience as a director giving some helpful hints and tips to other up and …

ACE caught up with Immanuel Tella after seeing him perform at the London ATOM Live auditions. Watch the video to see …

ACE catches up with East London rapper, Bowza, to see what he’s been up to and find out what else he has …

L Marshall talks to Amaru Don TV about his deepest song, Nightbus, which is from his The Wait mixtape. The song discusses a lot of …

It’s all very well being talented, but what makes a great artist is when a talented individual is able to bring …

ACE catches up with UK Hip-Hop artist & record label CEO, BCasual… You haven’t featured on ACE before, so first off tell …

As promised, the second instalment of L Marshall’s On The Rise interview with Amaru Don TV. It’s a must watch for aspiring artists as he …

ACE catches up with rum-and-bacon-powered producer, Micky Stirrups, to talk about This Thing Of Ours (if you don’t know what that is …

L Marshall talks to Amaru Don TV about songwriting, his career and the music industry! He makes a very important point …

Rita Ora had one hell of a year in 2012 ranging from a lot of success to a lot of sex …

Watch this video to get to know rising star Little Nikki as she discusses her music, childhood and style in her Little Nikki Wiki.

Check out East London’s Ryan Esstar as he’s interviewed by Wicked Sight and drops a couple of freestyles! @RyanEsstar @Wicked_Sight …

Chip discusses the problems facing today’s music industry in terms of labels, content, connection and a lot more! “I don’t call …

Scorcher teams up with Loick Essien to create I Don’t Care, a track I think most of us can relate to! …

Chip talks about his new London Boy mixtape and a whole lot more! @OfficialChip

Loick Essien discusses his objectives for his ID mixtape, selling 300, 000 copies of his How We Roll single and writing for other artists such …

Loick Essien talks about how the artist’s vision can differ from the label’s vision- a very important topic for aspiring artists. …

ACE catches up with Hackney’s very own Isaac Danquah as he talks about his inspirations, influences and musical approach… Hey Isaac! For …

Nicki Minaj brings out her diva side as she gets the wrong turkey bacon and texts her way through the interview. …


Cashtastic lets us know who he’s rating in the industry, what he’s working on and his opinion on the industry in …