EE are shit | EE is shit | EE Network Problems | No Service EE

No Service, No Help: EE

So last year I moved from my beloved O2 to EE on the Full Monty £21 a month contract with unlimited everything (including data). This has been fine until a few weeks ago.

My signal started to drop even when I was out in open again, my 3G wavered, texts didn’t send and then came the last straw: my calls became distorted (that’s if the phone even let me make them). Calls have even failed when I supposedly have full signal. Now I’m suffering the dreaded ‘No Service’ message as a roam the country’s capital.

EE are shit | EE is shit | EE Network Problems | No Service EE

I live in London and have just moved into a new flat. At first I thought the flat was the problem, then I realised I was experiencing them everywhere..

I reset my phone, put it on and off airplane mode, held it up to the sky, stood near the window, but nothing worked. So, I did what I usually do when I have a problem with a brand (which recently is happening a lot). I tweeted them.

I raged, I tweeted and eventually EE followed and DM’d me. They asked for my number and phone model and I told them. I have an iPhone 4S which is technically only a year old as my original one broke last Autumn and it was replaced. T Mobile UK did the same and wasn’t much help.

Like I said I just moved, at first I didn’t have a landline and I had to set up all my utilities bills from my mobile. This was enough of a pain as calling 0800 numbers is expensive from a mobile, but then I’d get halfway through sorting something and it’d distort or cut off or I’d just never get through.

This weekend I’m at my Dad’s house in Kent- a place you’d think would have a lot worse signal than the city- but I managed to make a normal phone call. However, I wasn’t able to do this in London, so we headed off the the EE shop. I say we because my contract is still in my Dad’s name from when I couldn’t get one.

Now I appreciate that this woman is just a sales person and not customer services and there is only so much she can do, but she was made me more angry about the problem than I already was. First she tried to tell me my phone was broken (as they always do), then she said she could swap the sim, but I’d have to pay £10 (why should I pay when it’s their fault?) and then she said to log 5 instances in 24 hours and call customer services with them so they can launch an investigation.

Okay sure… just tell me, when I have 5 instances of failed/distorted calls, how do I call customer services? I understand there can be problems, but it’s the lack of options and absolutely unhelpful attitude of the company that I’m getting at. Slow responses and impossible solutions! Seriously, how am I supposed to call them?!

I love my EE plan with all my unlimited goodies, but if this is the service I’ll just have to move back to my beloved O2.