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Aysh Banaysh suggests 7 things to put on your artist website.

Aysh Banaysh highlights the key benefits of a press release.

The multi-talented Jay Carteré sat down with Music Ahead – a new website dedicated to following the shift in the recording …

10 ways to ensure your mixtape is not listened to.

Some advice for music artists on getting bloggers and journalists to review their mixtape.

2014 is coming to an end. It's been a good year, but how can you make 2015 even better? Why not stick to these New Year's resolutions?


Feb 2014

Types Of Fans

In your music career you'll realise that not all fans are the same and that there are actually different types of fans. Here's a few...

Sometimes people ask me to get involved with a project and I say no. I'm not crazy, I just think sometimes it's best not to take work.

How to build a fanbase if you're a music artist.


Blogs are a great way for artists to gain exposure. Here are my top 10 things you need to do to get your music featured on music blogs.

Here are mistakes (most) artists make. I've told you them now though so I better not catch you making one!


A lot of you end up in my email inbox, Twitter DMs and Facebook chat seeking help writing your artist bio. As …


Feb 2013

Make Them Aware

Music promotion, how are you doing it? For ease, let’s say this is about promoting you as an artist, not a specific …

Networking is VERY important in this industry, from when I first started music blogging I’ve always tried to get to know the …