Micky Stirrups On “This Thing Of Ours” – Interview With Aysh Cream Ent.

ACE catches up with rum-and-bacon-powered producer, Micky Stirrups, to talk about This Thing Of Ours (if you don’t know what that is then that’s the whole purpose of this interview)

Hey Micky, now you’ve had an ACE interview before, but now you’re back to talk about something else. What is that exactly? 
I’d like to talk about This Thing Of Ours, we have a new mix out February 15th.
Date for your diary right there!

What’s the aim?
To get people’s music into more people’s ears. As many as possible. It’s a chance to showcase your music. The producers that have been on the mix all chat and share tracks and WIPs together. With both of us being producers we know how useful that can be. Our aim is to continue to provide somewhere like that.

Who started it up and who runs it now?
It was started by Sco. I joined just before the first mix was released.

Where is it based?
In the sound waves

How and when did you get involved in this project?
Sco did all the work for the first one like getting all the tunes together. That’s the tricky bit. I can’t remember exactly how it came about, but I ended up mixing it. When the first one went down so well we knew we was onto something and we kicked on from there.

How should other people go about getting involved?
Send your tunes to TTOO@musician.org. All our mixes so far have been dubstep. That ain’t all we wanna do though, but we’re dependent on the tunes we’re sent. I’d love to do a DnB one, but we’ve only been sent about 6 DnB tunes. So send your tunes. Send every genre. It’s called This Thing Of Ours for a reason- show us all who YOU are. What harm can it do? Both Sco and I are in a similar position musically to 99% of the people who have sent us tunes to use. We know how vital a bit of exposure can be and we know that rush you get when you hear your tune in a mix, so share your music!

How often do they release a mixtape?
Every now and again. The first couple had a three month gap, the last one came out December 21st. There’s no set routine it depends on the tunes.

What can we expect to see from it in 2013?
Loads of bass and ill advised tweets. We’re hoping to pick up the pace release-wise. We’re putting together our website as well, that’ll be up soon with plenty of goodies. 

Where can we find the project online?
Listen to the first three mixes on our Sound Cloud. Follow us on Twitter as well that’s where we do all our updates and begging for tunes.The next mix is coming out on February 15th so keep your ears peeled.

Any other comments?
I had four bacon sarnies tonight.

So don’t forget the 15th February (just one week away) and keep up to date with This Thing Of Ours by following the Twitter and checking out their Sound Cloud!

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