Mailing List Dos & Don’ts

In my previous posts I’ve told you why you need a newsletter and how to build a mailing list, but there’s a little more to it then that. Your newsletter could be viewed by hundreds (or even thousands) of your subscribers, so you need to make it the best it can be. Here are a few dos and don’ts when building your mailing list and sending out your newsletter:


Provide a  way to unsubscribe to your newsletter– People get a lot of unwanted email these days and at some point down the line they may deem your newsletter to be unwanted. Providing a way to unsubscribe is a requirement of anti-spam laws.

Provide your physical location– Either your address or a PO box (recommended). This is also legal requirement.

Send your newsletter out with consistent intervals– Either weekly, monthly etc.

Link to content you reference– Whether it’s one of your blog posts, a place to buy tickets for your show etc. make it easy for the recipient to interact

Personalise emails where possible– Use merge tags to include your recipient’s name in your newsletter, this can have a big effect on interaction


Add email addresses to your mailing list without permission from the owner– This is very annoying for the recipient. It happens to me a lot and all you’ll gain out of it is a block on your email address and your newsletter remaining unread.

Send a newsletter too often– Back to what I said about people having lots of unwanted emails. Aim to be a pleasant treat, not another spammy newsletter.

Rent or buy email addresses– These won’t help your career at all and are a waste of money.

Send a newsletter of the sake of it– If you have nothing to say it’s better to keep quiet than send a poor quality newsletter just to stick to the routine.

Send without testing– Programs like MailChimp allow you to send test emails to yourself before you send out your newsletter. Use this feature to check spelling, grammar and links. Nothing worse than receiving an email with a load of mistakes!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.