How To Write Your Artist Bio

A lot of you end up in my email inbox, Twitter DMs and Facebook chat seeking help writing your artist bio. As much I love to help, I’m sure it’d be a lot more useful if I wrote a post giving you hints and tips on how to do it yourself! You learn by doing right?

Here is a rough guide on how I’d write one:

Paragraph 1:

Write about you. Although, do not make the mistake of thinking the reader wants to know every last detail from what hospital you were born in to what uni you go to. Be concise. There must be something in your life that makes you unique or interesting right?

Paragraph 2:

What are you doing currently? Make it sound exciting. By putting this in the second paragraph, it means that even if the reader doesn’t read your whole bio they might check out your current projects if they see them and remember it’s from you. E.g. You mention you’re working on your mixtape and then a month later I see it tweeted and recognise the name- I’ll be more likely to check it out (even if it’s just curiosity).

Paragraph 3:

Previous experience and anything you think is relevant. No, we don’t care if you collaborated with your (not very talented) best friend, this isn’t the place to name drop unless the person is somebody.

My top 10 tips:

  1. Spell check
  2. Grammar check
  3. Use the third person perspective
  4. If it’s not interesting or valued, leave it out (you can always bring it up in conversation if you want people to know)
  5. Use a range of vocabulary- we love a good adjective
  6. Be concise
  7. Use your personality
  8. Draft, review and draft again
  9. Get someone else to read it to proof read
  10. Keep it up to date

Remember, your bio needs to not only be informative, but also interesting enough that people read it and take action. This action could be checking out your music if they’re a music fan or if they’re someone from the industry it could lead to bigger things! It’s also one of the first things I read when I find a new artist. If you don’t have one then you better get writing! It disappoints me when artists don’t have an artist bio(especially when they’re talented!)

Still don’t want to write your artist bio? I can do it for you, just drop me an email.