#AskAysh: How To Promote Your Music On A Busy Schedule

I’m an EDM producer from northampton and i’m struggling to get regular plays/build a fanbase without promoting every minute of the day which isn’t a viable option due to my busy schedule, it didn’t used to be a problem but in the past few months it’s a rarity I get 10 hits a day.



Building a fanbase is one of the hardest things to do in music. It can be very time consuming which, as you said, isn’t an option if you’ve got a busy schedule.

Firstly, let me introduce you too a friend of mine, Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to connect and manage up to 5 social networks and if you use it properly it can save you a lot of time (it’s what I use)! It also allows you to schedule social media posts to be posted at a specific time, or even autoschedule (Hootsuite will post it when it thinks most people are online). A busy schedule can get in the way of promoting your music, so why not have a sit down once or twice a week while you’re watching TV and schedule different tracks to be posted out at different times over the next few days? You can find the best times to post on each network through Google, but it can vary depending on the audience so you might want to try out different times and see what works best. Also try and vary what you’re promoting, if people see the same thing all over their timeline/newsfeed everyday it can be annoying. Oh, and not too many links. Balance it out with normal social media posts and other stuff.

As for the fanbase building, I’m currently in the process of writing a detailed post on ways to do this, but for you I’d say take the following steps:

Use Twitter to find others with the same musical taste as you and engage with them- if they’ve recently tweeted something about music try and reply to that! Then you can casually slip in, “Oh I produce too, what do you think of this?” Building relationships with people first makes it seem less like you’re promoting when you do send them your music and they’ll be more likely to listen to it. If you find a pretty well-known-but-not-totally-famous EDM producer. See who’s following them and connect how I described above, chances are they’ll like your music too (or at least give it a listen).

Rally up the troops! Your best friend, your partner, existing fans, even your mum! Even if they share one link a week on their social media accounts you a) reach an entire new audience who might give you a listen and b) look like you’re supported, which also encourages people to listen. Same with your other producers friends! You post their music, they post yours!

I hope this helps! My post on building a fanbase will be out next week and may offer you extra solutions, but these are what I think would be best for you! You can also check out some of my other artist advice posts for further help.

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