How To Get Rid Of Piercing Bumps (NOT KELOIDS)

There are many types of lumps that can appear on your piercing, particularly on cartilage piercings. Ideally you should go and see a piercer to see what kind of bump it is. These bumps are usually due to irritation. You need to remove the source of the irritation in order to resolve the issue and get rid of the bump. This irritation could be due to things like the jewellery, incorrect aftercare routine or sleeping on your piercing. In the meantime, gentle compression from No Pull Piercing Discs and a daily hot chamomile compress should help clear this up, but you need to be persistent and stick with it for a few weeks. If you still have bumps, but they’ve improved, stick with it longer. Do not pick your bumps. You’ll irritate the piercing more and they’ll usually just grow back.

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