How To Get More Views On Your Music Video #AskAysh

How To Get More Views On Your Music Video #AskAysh

My third #AskAysh video covers a topic that many of you are interested in… getting more views on your music video.

Here’s my answer:

Key Takeaways:

  • Promote on social media – without spamming.
  • Get blog placements – either by hiring a PR person, or sending music to blogs yourself. Here are my articles with tips on submitting your music to music blogs
  • Make sure you video is interesting – we’re tired of hood videos
  • Use Google Adwords to advertise your video to a targeted audience 

I completely ruined the filming of this (at least 20 times), so sorry if it’s grainy! I had to enlist the help of CoolCut Films to try and save it through editing. Talking of music videos though, CoolCut are giving away a free one here and I know you guys love free shit, so go grab that.

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