How To Clean Your New Piercing

Sterile Saline Solution

I primarily recommend buying sterile saline solution  (and not only because I sell it) over making a sea salt and water mix as when you have something pre-made you’re more likely to clean your piercings. On top of this, it also leaves no chance for wrong sea salt:water quantities or any impurities to disrupt your healing process like with homemade sea salt solution. To use, just spray/drip onto your piercings twice a day.

Crusties can sometimes build up around your piercing. They are usually best left to fall off by themselves rather than disturbing the healing process and removing them manually. You can encourage this by letting water run over them in the shower to help soften the crusties making it easier for them to fall off. However, sometimes they just won’t budge and can put pressure on a new piercing if they get too built up. For this you can soak a cotton bud in saline solution to remove the crusties. Cotton buds are often frowned upon for their potential to leave fibers at the site of a healing piercing. The risk of this is minimised when soaked in solution however they should still be used sparingly. Ideally you want to clean and look after your piercing with minimal touching, so stick to spraying with sterile saline only wherever possible.

I often recommend doing one of your cleans after a shower as the hot water from that helps to soften your crusts beforehand.

LITHA (Leave It The Hell Alone) Method

This cleaning method simply involves running your new piercing under warm water in the shower to clean it and leaving it the hell alone other than that. It’s not something I recommend to inexperiences piercees as I find they often do not actually leave it the hell alone.

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