How To Clean A New Piercing: How To Make Sea Salt Solution

>> Since filming this video I have learnt new information. Please see updated piercing aftercare information. <<

I recommend cleaning new piercings with saline solution twice a day. You can either buy it or make a sea salt water solution at home.

I primarily recommend buying sterile saline solution (and not only because I sell it) as when you have something pre-made you’re more likely to clean your piercings. On top of this, it also leaves no chance for wrong sea salt:water quantities to disrupt your healing process like with homemade sea salt solution. To use, just spray onto your piercings twice a day or soak a cotton bud to apply if you’re using the non-spray type.

While sterile saline is usually better, sea salt solution is generally fine for most people when cleaning their piercings – if they keep it up. The solution is made by mixing a cup of boiling water with 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt (not table salt).

The problem with using homemade saline solution as opposed to shop bought products etc, is most people can’t be bothered to make it twice a day to clean their piercings. There are two ways around this 1) Buy sterile saline solution to use on your piercings 2) Make a big batch. To make a batch mix up the solution each week and transfer it to a clean water bottle and using it throughout the week. This makes the cleaning process a lot less effort. You can even buy an empty spray bottle from the pound shop or Wilko and put the solution in there. The warm saline solution can help get rid of crusties and draw out fluids, but you can always get rid of crust with plain hot (but don’t burn yourself) water before using saline solution.

I often recommend doing one of your cleans after a shower as the hot water from that helps to soften your crusts beforehand.

Many people believe piercings need to be cleaned with shop-bought antiseptics to avoid infection because they feel saline solution isn’t enough and antiseptics will clean it more. In reality, antiseptics can often be too harsh on new piercings, and while it will clean the piercing and get rid of bacteria, it also removes the good bacteria and won’t encourage healing.

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