How To Build Your Social Media Following For Free #AskAysh

How To Build Your Social Media Following For Free #AskAysh

This question was spread over a few tweets and since I can’t find all of them I didn’t want to embed just part of the question with no context, but essentially @ok_jnr asked:

Is it possible for individuals and brands to build a following on social media when starting from the bottom with no budget? If so, how can it be done?

Here’s my answer:

Key Takeaways:

  • Post consistently
  • Engage – Both with your existing followers and with those who are likely to like what you do, such as the people engaging with similar people
  • Provide Value – Give people a reason to follow you. What can you offer them? Hilarious content? Useful tips? The opportunity to see your beautiful face?
  • Don’t just promote – This is boring and means that after a person has checked out what you’re promoting they have no reason to follow you (they’ve seen all you have to offer, even if they like it they gain nothing from following you)

While you can invest in some social media tools to make this easier, it’s totally possible to do this without spending a penny. It will take time, but if you make it part of your daily routine (something you do while waiting in queues etc.) then it will ensure that a) you do it and b) that you use your time efficiently and don’t have to take too much away from doing other stuff.

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