How To Build A Fanbase

So I’ve been meaning to write this Building A Fanbase post for a while and I’ve had it mapped out in my notebook for a few weeks, but I’ve only just put it into sentences. Obviously, this is a very broad topic, so I’ll be following it up with other things you can do as well as posts that explore certain areas a little further, but for now enjoy!

Targetting Fans

Building A Fanbase- Target

Building Relationships

Building relationships with people first makes it seem less like you’re promoting and then when you do send them your music and they’ll be more likely to listen to it.

Method 1: Use Twitter to find others with the same musical taste as you. Follow them and get talking (this can be about anything). Bonus: If they’ve recently tweeted something about music try and reply to that! Then you can casually slip in what you do!

Method 2: Find artists similar to you on Twitter (well-known or on the come up), see who follows them. Follow them, engage and eventually show them your music. Chances are they’ll probably like it as they’re a fan of someone similar.


Use hashtags such as #rap or #edm to target specific genres, just like you would on Sound Cloud If you’re talking about another artist’s album, use the album hashtag so more people will see it. Some might agree and it’s good to talk about other music apart from yours. You can then build relationships and eventually show them your music if appropriate. Put genre hashtags in you Twitter bio, it’ll help people looking for music of that genre find you.

Fan girls/boys

Bieber fans are annoying right? Rihanna stans go hard right? Well, some of these fans are actually pretty open to supporting up and coming artists and have a fair few followers, including other fan girls/boys. If you have the patience, talk to them, show ‘em your music and ask for their support. They’ll usually give it.

Build A Team

Building A Fanbase- Team

Rally up the troops! Your best friend, your partner, even your mum! Even if they share one link a week on their social media accounts you a) reach an entire new audience who might give you a listen and b) look like you’re supported, which also encourages people to listen. Same with your other artist friends! You post their music, they post yours! It’s a bit like using features to reach a new audience. You can also cheekily ask them to invite their Facebook friends to like your page- at least the ones they think will like your music!

Create Engagement

Building A Fanbase -Engagement

Creating engagement will help you to acquire new fans and retain existing ones. You can do this in a variety of ways:


To your fans/followers and build relationships, show that you’re taking time out for them. If it’s hard to start a conversation just ask questions! Even if you’re tweeting them generally- someone will respond!


Pictures (people love visuals and hate reading) are a great way to create engagement. Either via Instagram or other channels. It doesn’t always have to be real life- we all love memes! Vlog too! It’s a great way to update your fans in an interesting way and help them feel closer to you.

Each image in this post links to more advice which might help you get your music out there, why not check those out too?! Or #AskAysh a question.