How Many Times Should You Tweet New Content? #AskAysh

How Many Times Should You Tweet New Content? #AskAysh

You may have heard that I’ve been asking for music marketing questions to answer on my YouTube.

Well today I released my first video. Noah asked:

I answered:

Key Takeaways:

  • Tweet new content several times (min. 3) on the day of release – preferably around 5 (morning, early lunch, late lunch, early evening, late evening)
  • Vary the language in your tweets to target different audiences/see what works best
  • Make sure you tweet other content in between your promotional posts
  • Continue tweeting relevant content after the release date. As new content comes out you may reduce this in order to continue promoting all your content without turning your Twitter timeline into a page of nothing but promotion.
  • Use tools such as Tweetdeck, Hootsuite and Edgar to schedule your tweets (you can also check out my Edgar review)

This was my first video and I was a little nervous (as you can probably tell). I’d already filmed it about 10 times and my arm was aching. Thankfully, I’ve ordered myself a selfie sick for the next one and I’ve noted down lots of things I need to improve on. At least you have my facial expressions to laugh at until then! I didn’t plan on heavily promoting this video because of these reasons, but I changed my mind in order to demonstrate exactly what I mean about tweeting new content.

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