How To Get Bloggers To Review Your Mixtape

Getting your mixtape reviewed by bloggers and journalists is beneficial to your promotional campaign in many ways. Firstly, it enables your music to reach a wider audience (the blog’s readers) and secondly, that audience is going to be more receptive to your music as it’s got their favourite blog’s stamp of a approval.

So, you’ve recorded the perfect mixtape and it’s ready for public consumption. What do you do? Don’t release it. Not yet at least. Instead, set a release date and spend a few weeks researching blogs in your genre of music and creating a spreadsheet of their names, URLs, contact details and other pertinent information. Try and get the most personal details possible (e.g. instead of If the website has a team page, look through it and note down the contact details of the most relevant person (such as the reviews editor).

At least two weeks before the release, reach out to every blogger on your list with a personalised email sending them your mixtape with a press release politely asking for a review.

Don’t just bcc a list full of bloggers (and definitely don’t cc them)

Send each email individually as this allows you to personalise it, showing you took the time to email them. After all, if you can’t take the time to send them your music, why should they the time to write about it?

Music bloggers get lots of submissions each day, so make sure yours stands out! Your music could be amazing, but who says they’ll even open the email? Here are some more tips:

  • Pop a little message in. It could be, “Hey ___, how’s your day?” or “Hi, I like your blog ____”
  • Look through their posts, mention a post they’ve recently written in your email and how you enjoyed it. Ideally the post will be about an artist similar to you, that way they’re more likely to like your music!
  • Make sure you give bloggers time to have a good listen to it and write a review to be published on the release date
  • Make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes

All of this sound like too much work? Get in touch and I can do it for you.