5 Tips To Help You Build Your Mailing List

Getting email addresses for your mailing list is not an easy thing to do. These days people have so many emails in their inbox that the thought of another subscription to delete each month makes them shudder, but that’s the point. The people who sign up to receive your newsletter need to want the content, not just sign up so they can delete it. So how do you build a mailing list full of engaged fans?

1. Offer Incentive

If you want someone to do something (such as sign up to your mailing list), then they need an incentive to do it. What about an exclusive free track once you sign up? Entry into a competition to win some merch or a phone call?

2. Provide Exclusives

What does your newsletter offer that your social media profiles and blog don’t? Think along the lines of getting music early, access to pre-sale tickets (something Elli Ingram does very well) or access to exclusive merch.

3. Make It Quick

It’d be great to have everyone’s email and name and age and all their demographical info, but if your mailing list is time-consuming to sign up to people will be put off. While I definitely suggest having a fully-fledge form for those that care, having an email-only quick sign up box on your website is much more likely to convert viewers into subscribers.

4. Make It Convenient

Picture this: You’ve just played a gig and now you’re at the merch table selling T-Shirts to your fans. They love you and really want to keep up to date, so you send tell them to go online and sign up to your mailing list. How likely is it that these fans will actually do this? Most will probably forget about it. When you go to gigs or music events have a clipboard where fans can put down their email address then and there- it’s much more convenient for them and means that you’ve got a definite subscriber (as opposed to an ‘if they remember’ subscriber). The same goes for conveniently placing links in video descriptions etc. Don’t make them have to search for it!

5. Ask

The majority of people aren’t just going to magically find your mailing and subscribe to it. Most probably don’t know it exists. You need to make them aware of it and the benefits of signing up, ask them to sign up and use call to actions on your website. You know what they say: Don’t ask, don’t get!

Hopefully these tips will help you increase the size of your mailing list. If you don’t already have a mailing list for your fans, here’s why you should start one.

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