Bowza – Interview With Aysh Cream Ent.

ACE catches up with East London rapper, Bowza, to see what he’s been up to and find out what else he has in store for us…

Hey Bowza, it’s great to finally get to interview you! What have you been up to lately music-wise?
I know, It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been keeping myself really busy with the music actually. I released a brand new mixtape in Feb called The Come Up, which is my second one so far. I’ve been doing quite a few live shows in the London area including Wembly Arena in January alongside Wretch 32 and Devlin. I am currently working on a EP, so yeah, putting in hard work hoping it will pay off.

How long have you been making music?
A good 10 years now

What do you do outside of music?
I’m a learning mentor, which involves visiting several different secondary schools, working with students on a one-to-one or group basis, providing information and strategies to help improve behaviour and help induvisuals reach their full potential. I also work in youth centres in North London delivering music production and songwriting workshops. It’s a very rewarding line of work, anything to better the younger generation and I’m all for it.

Do you separate your music from your day-to-day life, or do you like the two to mix?
When i first started working as a youth worker i did, but when I starrted to appear on youtube grime daily/ spiff tv ect… word started to spread and it wasnt too long before young people started coming into the youth club calling me Bowza instead of my real name lol. Now all staff and young people know i do music in which they imbrace and allow me to involve my music within my work, which actullay benifits me in a way. Now the plan is to incoraprate more of the music and deliver more music type programmes

Your mixtape, The Come Up, came out just over a month ago, how do you feel that went?
I think it went quite well… the feedback has been positive and I’m still in the process of promting the CD. It got over 150 downloads in the first month, which I’m quite happy with… Shout out everyone who has downloaded it, there is much more to come!

How long were you working on The Come Up?
Ermm for about 3 months I would say… shout out everyone featured on the CD: Bundi, Lefty, D.S.T, Realife, Mr Fox, Kaana Elie, FB and Jada! Also shout out WorkR8 studios where the mixtape was recorded and Fresh Grapics for the art work!

You’ve performed at quite a few events recently including Music Potential, do you have any other events coming up where people can come and see you?
Yeah, I’m actually doing a show Thursday 21st March at the Outset Centre in Walthamstow, and I’m in the process of getting some dates for April/May.

What makes you tick? When it’s a cold rainy day and you don’t have work what is it that motivates you to get out of bed and be productive?
It has to be music… After cereal I love to turn on my laptop and create a new song. I try to have a music day at least once a week in which a do nothing but listen, write and analyse my music

What does the ‘Man With A Plan’ have planned for the future? What’s happening next?
Next is the EP, which I am currently working on now. So far the tracks are sounding epic and I cannot wait for people to hear it! I’m aiming to put it out June/July.

Random Question: When you’re ill, what is the first meal you want to eat?
Gotta love a bit of Porridge on a cold winter day!

If you you haven’t already make sure you download Bowza’s latest mixtape, The Come Up:


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