Arcade Crossfire- Interview With Aysh Cream Ent.

ACE catches up with RoughCut producer, Arcade Crossfire…

For those who aren’t familiar with you or your music, tell us a bit about yourself.
Well I’m a man-child in every sense of the word. I have the mental capacity of a chocolate Labrador according to my Mum… it probably explains a lot to be honest with what I tweet, say and think. Seriously, don’t ever try and get into my brain if science ever allows it you’ll need therapy till death and I’m not willing to help out with payments! If you follow me on twitter I ain’t even sorry, it’s your own fault! As for my music it’s hard to explain. It’s a bit of everything- I’m huge on music I’ll try anything once I fuse genres together because I don’t like the idea of everything having to fit into a certain category, it’s ridiculous and it will be the downfall of everything we love eventually… Sorry if I ramble on, it happens…. a lot

Pick 3 words that accurately describe you.
This is tricky. I’m useless at this, but I guess I’m funny in some way or another, I’m definitely different to a lot of people mentally, so I tend to stay quiet a lot of the time! 3rd? Up-front what you see is what you get with me, I’ve lied before and it doesn’t work out- karma gets you back- so now I don’t, and a lot of people don’t like it unfortunately! So yeah: up-front, funny and different!

How did you get into producing?
Well I’ve always loved music I’ve been surrounded by it my entire life, starting with old rock and metal from my Mum, so I was a complete goth/emo thoughtout my school years, which was great the amount of gigs I went to is incredible and every time I thought “One day it’ll be me screaming or playing up there,” but I only got into producing electronic music when I found an insane love for chiptune/8-bit music, which is in my opinion fucking incredible- especially when it’s made majorly on gameboys and old kids toys! Check out Sabrepulse and Henry Homesweet for some old chiptune breaks! That’s when I started to produce. I bought something called nanoloops for my gameboy advance and I was fucking terrible- I won’t lie- but it was fun. I was young (14-16) just fucking around on an illegal version of FLstudio making shitty loops on putting them on myspace as you do, then my Mum brought me The Sound of Bassline 2008 and it flipped my life upside down the big basslines, grimey leads and jaw-gurning drums opened my ears to different culture and I sort of took it upon myself to search out my own music rather than be dictated to by the media and I think its paid off!

Whenever you release something it’s mad, what inspires this madness?
I think it’s all the different music I listen to, like I hear a lot of classical music when I’m chilling on YouTube and I’m like “Yeah that’s banging, what would happen if I made a melody like this on put into a few different synths?” and things that shouldn’t work like a trombone with the wobble of a 4×4 bassline, and my constant need to do something different than anyone else like fusing trance and dubstep and house and moombahton. There is nothing thats constrained within a boundary, it’s only our minds that have been forced to see this boundary by every media outlook.

How would you describe your sound?
Unique and eclectic- it’s a whole different bunch of ideas drawn from everything I hear from the producers I’ve become friends with over Twitter always giving each other support like everyone in RoughCut, yourself,  Mickey, Sco and S.K.S this side to Nick Bruno, Brett, Rezzy Andrew in the USA and Micheala in Sweden, Doublezee in France and some big names of course, but the list of people that help me daily goes on! I’ve stopped trying to label my music now because I can’t do it!

What are you planning for 2013?
Well aside from getting a job, very big things hopefully! I’m working on my first ever full length album called This Future Is Ours, which is almost complete! When that’s finished I’ll be working on a release date and obviously promoting it as much as possible then start getting some shows under my belt playing my music to actual people! With some luck get the rest of RoughCut in on it as well- I know for a fact K-Roll and Key Figga are on it!

You’re part of Rough Cut, what does it feel like having a team?
It’s actually a really good feeling, knowing that what you do isn’t wasted becasue someone saw your potential and is there to help out and chat give honest feedback and everything- it’s refreshing!!

What do you do outside of music?
My life is pretty laid back these days, which is giant fucking relief! I’ve not got a job, but I don’t really care?! It’s nice to have a rest after 6 years of non-stop working! I’m renovating a house at the moment though, which is good fun. My instagram (simonharper) is full of shitty pictures of this building site of a house, but it’s all coming together! I’m starting to run a lot in preparation for the hoards of groupies I’m going to have by the time I’m 24 next year. Oh and you know the standard stuff like drinking till I get balls put on my head and falling asleep in a heavy metal club night, or being covered in swastika drawn in permanent marker on your throat and face. Oh and obviously masturbating violently every other day..
Moving on swiftly…

What do you like to listen to on a day-to-day basis?
I listen to a lot of different things, I’ve just gotten Bring Me The Horizon‘s new album, which is an absolute work of art when you look at what they were doing at the start of their career! But right this minute I’m listening to Lindsey Stirling‘s album, which is fucking incredible! She’s one of the most amazing violinists to be alive right now and probably to ever live- the influences she draws on is epic! She’s definitely worth a listen! I love Michael Bublé he just makes that feel good music- his vocal talent will be sorely missed when he chokes it- and then the standard house/dance/dub/bass types of music that makes you punch a whole in the solid marble floor and throat fuck your own nan whilst you’re on acid freaking out about the 25ft budgie in your shower taking a shit. I’m sure you know the stuff, if not then you’re truly missing out! 

Random Question: If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one thing what would you take and why?
I’ve thought about this time and time again and everyone says something queer like ‘my girlfriend/iPod/nans ashes’ all those things will run out ennit!! iPod has a battery, your girlfriend is no doubt too thin to sustain your nutritional needs for any major length of time and let’s face it who really wants to die after sniffing too many lines of their own nan? Well I for one would take a fucking knife, the things you can do with a knife before you lose your mind that much and inevitably slice your own dick off is endless! Catch fish, make a shelter, hula skirts, carve naked sex dolls out of trees, the stabby knifey finger game… whatever you like, so yeah a knife for me please Mr/Mrs whoever hands that one item out.
Lol, definitely something different!
 Sorry for rambling.. like I said, it happens… a lot

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