A World Of Oversensitive Pricks

Recently, there’s been a surge of adverts that people have been offended by and every time I see a rant or a tweet about it I can’t help but think “you oversensitive twat”.

Protein World


Protein World, the meal replacement supplement, is one of them.

People have complained that the woman’s body is unrealistic and not possible for every woman and that every body is beach body ready.

You’re never going to look exactly like her because you’re not her, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in shape. There’s so much discussion about fat shaming and loving your body, but if you really loved your body you’d look after it. You wouldn’t let yourself get out of control and you’d realise you’re gaining weight after going up a dress size or two. No one actually wants to be fat, and teaching people that being overweight is okay as long as you love yourself is dangerous in my opinion. Telling people to love their body no matter what is just giving them an excuse to stay fat. You should love your body, but not to the point that it stops you working towards a healthier life. You don’t have to be as skinny as her, but being in shape never hurt anyone. I’m all for a girl with curves, but that curve shouldn’t be your stomach. You can get up and go to the gym, or you can stay ‘body positive’, lazy and out of shape. It’s your choice- you’re the one that has to wear your bikini on the beach.

If you don’t want to get in shape then I’m sure you’re perfectly capable of ignoring the advert, but if the advert makes you feel bad about yourself then you clearly know you’re not in shape and you’re feeling guilty about it. There’s no use projecting your own insecurities onto the rest of the world, just deal with them.

I’m sick of pardoning people living an unhealthy lifestyle all because of this love your body/body positivity bullshit. You don’t have to be perfect (no one is, not even that model), but you don’t have to neglect your body either. Wake up and smell the bacon… then grab an apple. The world can’t tiptoe around your (large) sensitive arse forever.

There has also been upset about it’s advertisement of being a meal replacement supplement.

While I understand this issue, Protein World are just advertising their product. That issue is not with the advert, but with the product itself. There are far worse things out there that influence girls to skip meals, a product they actually have to pay for is the least of our worries.

I’m not into gyms and protein shakes and anything like that, but you don’t have to use them to look after your body. Hating the advert just seems like another excuse for people to be lazy to me.




Feminism is great. We need feminism, but it’s fun-suckers like this that are the reason I’m not a feminist. Does everything have to be turned into an issue? It takes a special kind of crazy person to take a drink promoting care free fun and turn it into something that promotes rape. The ad is about removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary, meaning you don’t say no. You have fun, you skydive, you have fun – you’re up for anything. You, not them. If another person says ‘no’, no where does the advert say to force them. It’s about the drinker’s experience.


They’re adverts and they’ve done exactly what they’re supposed to do: promote and get people talking about their products. People’s outrage has just given the products more publicity and promotion without the respective companies spending a penny. If they offend you and you’re aiming to boycott the company, you’re better off keeping quiet.