8 Annoying Types Of Shoppers

8 Annoying Types Of Shoppers

Nobody likes the shoppers who roam around shopping centres without much thought for the people around them. After going shopping in Westfield on a Saturday morning and observing these creatures in their natural habitat, I thought I’d make a list and see who’s the most annoying type of shopper. 8 Annoying Types Of Shoppers

8 Annoying Types of Shoppers:

The Texters

8 Annoying Types of Shoppers: The Texters We all know these people. Smartphone in hand, they walk at a slow pace due to their inability to text and walk. Then all of a sudden they’ll stop dead in their tracks for no apparent reason, causing everyone behind them to slow down and swerve to avoid a collision.

Level of Annoyance: 4.5/5

The Travellers

Some suitcase draggers just let their suitcase trail behind for people to trip over. A lot of them don’t seem to have any strategy and their attempts of weaving in and out of busy shoppers are abysmal and end up with them getting suck behind another slow shopper because, due to their dawdling nature, they couldn’t get around them!

Do I even need to discuss having your toes run over ever so slowly by a shopper with a suitcase?

Level of Annoyance: 3.5/5

The Parents

8 Annoying Types of Shoppers: The Parents I understand the difficulty involved in taking a child out shopping, but I can’t say I understand the need to stop so suddenly to shout at your child or blow their nose. The ‘hard shoulder’ can be applied in public and that pulling to the side is the appropriate procedure when a problem has occurred.

Like Travellers, Parents also commit the crime of running over toes with buggies full of shopping bags.

Level of Annoyance: 3/5

The Couples

8 Annoying Types of Shoppers: The CouplesSome couples seem to feel that if they let go of their partner’s hand the world will end, when all that would really happen is people around them would be able to get around more easily. Have you ever tried to navigate round a couple insistent on holding hands in a crowded place? With oncoming traffic on either side you tend to get stuck behind them for a while, which is extra annoying as they’re slow walkers and see nothing wrong with stopping every 20 steps for a (noisy) snog.

Level of Annoyance: 4.5/5

The Pre-Teens

These kids are either being annoying little brats, or sweet little darlings that cling to their Mum as they walk through a crowded place, making it almost impossible for other people to pass. Despite their similar nature to couples, their young innocence makes them a little less annoying.

Level of Annoyance: 3.5/5

The Teenage School Kids

8 Annoying Types of Shoppers: The Teenagers Giggle giggle giggle. Let’s laugh loudly at everything, walk in anything but a straight line and be anti-social to everybody just so we can have a giggle with our mates. Oh, not forgetting to stop in the middle of a crowd for no reason! I think you know the kind of people I’m talking about.

Level of Annoyance: 4/5

The Women on a Mission

Super fast, women on a mission weave in and out of other shoppers with the aim of getting everything done as efficiently as possible. While they may seem like the perfect shopper, they can sometimes be a little aggressive of careless in their approach and bump into others. They’re too busy to apologise though.

Level of Annoyance: 2.5/5

The Slow Coaches

8 Annoying Types of Shoppers: The Slow CoachesThe Slow Coach is a calm creature, but tends to have an inability to walk in a straight line, may stop for no reason and are a pain to get stuck behind. Not a being you’d associate with Saturday morning shopping, nevertheless they can be found among the outskirts of the busy crowds.

Level of Annoyance: 3/5

And the most annoying types of shoppers are: The Texters and The Couples!

Although observed in their natural environment of a shopping centre, these creatures can be found being a nuisance all over the UK.