7 Things To Put On Your Artist Website

If you’re serious about your music career, you need to have a website. It doesn’t matter how many Twitter followers, Facebook likes or SoundCloud plays you have, you need something that you own. For all you know, Twitter could close down tomorrow. Then how would you reach your fans? This is where I hope you scream “With my mailing list of course!” While that’s very true, you also need a hub where people can find everything about you in one place. It’s useful for press, it’s useful for fans and it’s just a jolly good way to present yourself.

If you don’t already have a mailing list, here’s why you need one.

Anyway, back to your website. I find that some artists are unsure on what to put on it beside the obvious (your music). Here are 5 things to put on your artist website

1. Biography

I suggest getting your professional bio professionally written. It can be tempting to write your bio yourself, however, while you may be a great lyricist, you’re probably not the best bio writer. When I’ve written bios for people in the past, I’ve found they can be very focused on very boring points about their life, but they’re too close to the canvas to see the full picture. They’re not thinking about what points will interest other people because they’re too tied up in reppin’ their ends and what secondary school they want to (chances are no one cares).

2. Social Links

Social media buttons

So many artists link to their website from their social profiles but forget to link back to their social profiles from their website. If someone happens upon your website, how are they supposed to follow you in your career if you don’t provide your social links? Their only option is to carry on visiting your website on a regular basis, and they’re not likely to remember to do that.

3. Press Shots

If you’re trying to get press coverage, it’s essential to have some good photos of yourself that journalists can use in their articles. Make sure the images are high-res and you get a variety of shots. You can get photoshoots pretty cheap these days. I’d recommend CoolCut Films if you’re looking to get shoot done professionally.

4. Gigs

Keep a calendar of any events you’re performing at and provide information on how fans can attend. This means, where the gig is, when it is and how to buy tickets. If your fanbase is quite young, don’t forget to include any age restrictions or requirements for the event.

5. Blog


I’ve babbled on about why artists should blog for ages. Blogging has so many benefits and help give people insight into your character. One artist I work with is a great writer, but he hates blogging. For ages he trialled blogging on and off and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when he realised his goal that he has committed to blogging every day. Since then, his site’s had a lot more traffic (and I personally feel he’s been more focused, but that could be due to the fact he blogs about what he does that day. If he does nothing, everybody knows). He’s been posting about a variety of things including music marketing advice, catfishing and other stuff I’d suggest checking it out as well as reading my article on the benefits of blogging if you’re looking to start blogging on your site.

6. Music Player

It’s all well and good having a link to your SoundCloud profile, but do you really want people to have to leave your website to listen to your music? It’s good to have a music player in some form, whether that’s through SoundCloud embeds or another method. You want to keep people on your site, not send them away.

7. Mailing List Sign Up


You definitely need a form to sign up to your mailing list on your site. People who visit your site from social media are likely to be invested in you enough to want email updates. People who visit your site elsewhere may decide that they like your music enough to want email updates. Either way, you need a sign up form on your site.

Don’t have a website? Drop me a message and I’ll make you one.

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