7 Questions From The Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Premiere That Need To Be Answered

We’ve been waiting months for Pretty Little Liars to return to our screens for the 7th season and last night it finally did. The season 7 premiere Tick-Tock bitches didn’t bring many answers, but gave us a lot more questions. Take a look (unless you haven’t yet watched the premiere, in which case navigate away from this page and stop clicking on spoiler articles).

Who are they burying at the beginning?

The episode opens with Spencer, Aria and Emily digging a grave in a very distressed manner. They feel guilty and Aria even says “Poor Hanna”, so is it Hanna? Spencer reveals a little more detail, saying “It was a well thought out plan. When it turns out like this it’s called first degree murder.” Which would indicate wilful and premeditated killing. They wouldn’t plan to kill Hanna and even if A did I don’t see why they’d be clearing up the mess. This and the “Poor Hanna” comment lead me to believe it might be someone close to Hanna. Maybe Caleb, or even her mum.

Who voted for Spencer and Mona?

When the girls voted on who they thought killed Charlotte, the majority thought it was Ali, Emily didn’t vote, and Mona and Spencer got a vote each. I highly doubt they voted for each other, so who suspects them. Caleb has never made much of an effort to hide his dislike for Mona, so it’s possible he voted for her. But who voted for Spencer? Could it be Toby?

Who is Charlotte’s father?

During the episode Mary Drake stops by Spencer’s house looking for her parents. It turns out that they used to be friends, but Jessica DiLaurentis turned everyone in the town against Mary. Mary said she came back to Rosewood as she’d heard her sister was dead which she presumably only heard about when she came back for Charlotte’s release. As Mary leaves, she makes a comment about Spencer’s ability to stay friends with her ex lovers. I’ve always thought the Hastings were very involved in the drama from the start, despite the focus of the show being on a missing DiLaurentis, but this conversation has me thinking Charlotte’s father could be Peter Hastings. However, if it is and Peter is Mary’s ex lover, why is she visiting him? Their daughter may have just died but he didn’t seem to have anything to do with her. My second thought is that Mary could have tricked Kenneth into thinking she was Jessica and had Charlotte that way.

It turns out I even suspected Peter at the end of season 6. I’m inclined to think Peter may have then killed Jessica thinking it was Mary, but I like to think Peter is too smart to leave a dead woman’s body on his lawn. However, maybe it wasn’t Jessica that was jealous, but Mary. Maybe Mary killed Jessica after she found out that Jessica and Peter had Jason. She might have felt like Peter replaced her with her twin and so removed the problem.

Who was Mary on the phone to?

When Mona said it was a British or Australian guy, most minds immediately jumped to Elliot who revealed to the audience that he was faking his American accent at the end of last season, but wouldn’t it be great if it was Wren? Wren has been top of my ‘Uber A’ list for a long time. He’s been pretty involved at the same time as keeping his distance. It could even be that he and Elliot are related, but with all the hidden blood ties that have come to light recently it’s doubtful.

Did Ali really kill Charlotte?

Ali being in hospital full of incurable guilt, seemingly confessing to crimes and having evidence from the night of a murder still stored safely in her room seems a little convenient. Ali has waited years for Charlotte’s release, she had no reason to harm her. I highly doubt an attack was provoked either because if Ali did kill Charlotte – deliberately or not – she’d have gotten rid of the coat (that Toby said would have blood on it) soon after the incident rather than packing it away in a box in her room ready to eventually go to Goodwill. My money is still on Melissa, protecting her sister and her family from the train wreck.

Are Dr Rollins and Mary Drake A.D.?

Mary and Elliot seemed focused on recovering Mary and Charlotte’s money via the Carissimi group. Mary may have been in the woods when Hanna was taken, but Elliot was not. He found out Ali was Charlotte’s killer pretty soon after Caleb handed the jacket over which suggests he’s been in contact with the receiver, but was that receiver Mary? When Hanna escapes the barn she stops Mary in her car, so who was the night vision-goggled figure who found the barn empty? Mary could change that quick. Mary and Elliot seemed to be after Ali and wanting answers about Charlotte, not wanting to harm to girls. The person who picks up the red jacket cannot be Mary as in the Episode 2 preview she’s still in the car with Hanna, and it cannot be Elliot as he’s with Alison, so who is it? There are a few theories flying around that Spencer is in on it, but I think that’s unlikely. Andrea Parker, who plays Mary, confirmed that Uber A (mentioned in the episode description and previous episodes) aka A.D is not her. If Uber A has Hanna, Elliot could be in cahoots with them too and that’s why he found out about Ali so fast. While he’s likely to have a hunch, I doubt he’s acting solely off of that. Uber A has been in the game a lot longer than Mary and Elliot, so Mary being on the phone to Wren (as Uber A) would make sense.

Stepping out a little further, could A.D. stand for Andrew Drake? The Radley file would probably mention another child, unless it was after she was released. If Charlotte is around Jason’s age and Andrew is around Ali and the girls’ age then it is possible she had a second child when she got out, and put it up for adoption anyway. However, it makes no sense to me to keep one of your children in the family and let the other one be adopted by strangers. However, since Jessica, Jason and Charles were outside the apple farm in the clip from the dollhouse, it’s possible that the Campbells are somehow family too.

Another wild theory is it stands for Ali Dee, the fake badge Mona used to get out while in Radley. Charlotte stole the game off of Mona, so maybe Mona stole it back.

The wildest theory I heard is that Maya St. Germain is Mary Drake and Eddie Lamb’s daughter, and she is A.D. She was a secret given to Eddie’s sister to stop Eddie losing his job. When Maya moved to Rosewood and found out the truth, she relapsed. On her return, Charlotte helped her fake her death to give her sister a free life with her mother Mary. It’s a pretty complex theory that goes into great detail, touching on Mary has a little Lamb (I.E. Maya Lamb) and ‘Maya Knew’.

Who do you think killed Charlotte? Who do you think is Uber A?

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