5 Steps To Get Your Followers To Listen To Your Music

5 Steps To Get Your Followers To Listen To Your Music

I’m constantly spammed on Twitter, and I hate it. It’s rude and it doesn’t give me any incentive to check out your latest video or your new mixtape. When I’ve asked people not to spam me, many are unaware of how other people view the practice and have not considered other ways to get their followers to listen to their music. With that in mind, I thought I’d write a basic how-to for those eager to learn and stop spamming.

How to get your followers to listen to your music:

1. Get Your Social Media Strategy In Shape

Now I’ve written plenty of articles on the best way to use social media, so I’m not going to go into that. If you’re struggling you can either download my social media guide for music artists or contact me for a custom strategy.

Make sure your social media strategy is in shape before trying this tutorial out.

2. Engage

You can engage with your social media following in a number of ways. For starters, you can post content that your following can engage with. This could be funny pictures, questions or interesting thoughts about current events. However, it’s important not to force them to make the first move. A good way to break the ice is to scroll down your Timeline and reply to other people’s tweets (in the same way you’re wanting people to do with yours).

3. Have Conversations

While this is under the umbrella of engagement, I’m talking about more than a one tweet reply right now. You can start of by replying to tweets, but reply with something that provokes a response. This could either be a question, something interesting etc. If you can, try and have a short conversation. However, be wary not to drag it out too long. At this point you shouldn’t even approach the topic of your music.

4. Introduce Your Music

While all this is going on, you should be promoting your music as regular tweets as part of your social media strategy. This means that if your followers want to they can check it out, but you’re not pressuring them into it by sending it to them directly.

You can also engage with tweets about music (particularly tweets about your genre or artists like you). After a little conversation, you can either subtly hint towards your music or straight up ask them for some feedback.

5. Be consistent

You got them to check out your music, mission accomplished right? Wrong. You’ve got to keep them engaged. You don’t want to be that guy who just talked to someone until you got what you wanted. You need to keep interacting with people to increase their levels of engagement. The goal is to get them so engaged that they no longer need telling about your new music and they just check it out themselves and, down the line, share it with their followers.

Don’t expect this process to happen overnight. It takes time. Eventually you may get to the stage where this strategy isn’t needed, or you just don’t have time for it. However, every now and then, I’d still recommend interacting with your fans from time to time as it lets them know that you still have time for them – especially those who have been there from the start.